#Icandy of the Week: Cheering Sensation Mariel Lane

Mariel Lane

IG: MissMarielLane

Age: 22 years old

From: Memphis, TN

Resides In: Nashville, TN

Occupation: Full Time Student

Mariel is a relationship type girl who is interested in a God fearing man. She loves a man who is honest, loyal, and displays determination. She states, “There is nothing more attractive than a man who has goals and ambition, and knows where his loyalty lays.” Mariel takes the mature approach to relationships stating that all of her past relationships have been a great learning experience. She knows exactly what she expects of a romantic night saying that she loves live music so would enjoy dinner with a live band and a walk in the moon lit park

(Whitney J): What are your turn ons? Turn offs?

(Mariel): My turn ons are intelligence, demeanor, and sense of humor, physical fitness and facial hair. My turn offs are disrespect and bad body odor. LOL

(Whitney J): What do you feel is your best feature?

(Mariel): My best feature is my heart, I truly love people.

(Whitney J): What’s your favorite feature on a man?

(Mariel):  I love the back and shoulders of a man!

(Whitney J): How do you feel about one night stands?

(Mariel): They are a total NO in my book!!

(Whitney J): How do you let a man know you want to be exclusive?

(Mariel): I don’t believe in beating around the bush in relationships, so I just tell him exactly how I feel, and if that means I want to be exclusive, then that is what I say.

(Whitney J):  What is your definition of commitment?

(Mariel):  My definition of commitment is, it’s just me and you and whatever ground rules we set in our relationship, we stick to them with understanding and honesty.

(Whitney J): What is your favorite vacation spot?

(Mariel): There is nothing is like home, so whenever I get a chance I like to go home with my family in Memphis, TN.

Mariel states that religion is a major thing for her in a relationship and she values a man who has a relationship with God! Her ultimate deal breaker is a man without a sense of loyalty. She will knows exactly what she needs to survive saying that if stranded on an island she would bring a radio, a sharp knife and a box of matches! After she survives, she will cheer her way home!!

Whitney J.



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