ICandy of the Week: Code Beautiful Monique

Monique Doughty

Instagram: Mofunsize

Age: 25

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Resides In: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Registered Nurse- Specializing in Critical Care and Trauma Patients

Hobbies: Outdoor activities such as zip lining, jet skiing, wind surfing and white water rafting, foodie, animal lover, enjoys modern art, traveling, shopping and this may make me a nerd but I love science museums.

Monique is a very beautiful professionally driven young lady. She has a passion for helping others which is exhibited through her profession of nursing. Do not let the scrubs fool you, she is very fashion forward. She can be seen exploring different parts of the A making bold fashion statements and looking amazing while doing so. Monique recognizes the benefits of being in a relationship and being a bachelorette, but feels that she enjoys being a bachelorette more! Just because she enjoys being a bachelorette does not mean she does not know what qualities she look for in a man. She enjoys someone who is honest, intelligent, has a good sense of humor but not a clown, a gentleman with home training, treats her well and someone who is ambitious professionally. She states, “I work really hard, long hours and I’m always looking to advance to the next level. It’s nice to have someone who matches your ambition and is goal oriented.”

(Whitney J): Have you ever been in love?

(Monique): YES! It is very scary giving someone that much of you but it’s an amazing overwhelming feeling and I love it! It’s nothing in the world like it!

(Whitney J): What do you feel is your best feature?

(Monique): My eyes!

(Whitney J): What is your favorite feature on a man?

(Monique): Hmmmm… has to be the smile. A good smile can take you a long way and it can get you out of a lot of trouble LOL

(Whitney J): Do you have a little black book?

(Monique): Sure do only it’s called an IPhone 5

(Whitney J): How do you feel about one night stands?

(Monique): I think my body is special and I am not willing to share it with s stranger or someone I’ll never talk to again.

(Whitney J): Is religion important to you in a relationship?

(Monique): It is! I am a Christian and would prefer a Christian partner but it’s not a deal breaker for me. It’s more important to me for a partner to have a relationship with a higher power.

(Whitney J): How do you let a man know you want to be exclusive?

(Monique): I tell him… I want to be exclusive. Well in the past I have, if the right signs are there and we haven’t spoken about it, I seek clarification. As a woman there is nothing worse than not knowing where you stand. It’s best to be clear.

(Whitney J): Favorite vacation spots?

(Monique): St. John, Belize and the Bahamas. I love them equally but anywhere with hot weather and blue water.

Monique is a very intelligent goal oriented young lady who knows what she wants out of life and knows exactly how to achieve just that. She defines commitment as two people ignoring the distractions, hype and temptations of being with anyone else, two people being honest and accepting of each other’s flaws. So for anyone looking to me her on a romantic level please have all your ducks in a row because she will code you right away from a relationship if not!


Whitney J.


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