ICandy of the Week… International Beauty Selam

Selamawit Shiferaw

IG: _selam

Age: 22 years old

From: Ethiopia

Resides in: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Model

Selam is a gorgeous bachelorette that can be seen gracing the streets of Atlanta, GA. She is a beautiful girl that is making huge strides in the modeling community. Because she is in constant pursuit of her dreams, she prefers being a bachelorette due to her busy schedule. Fellas, if you plan to approach Selam, please keep the game to yourself and bring it to her straight because she is only looking for someone who is honest. Also if you plan on flashing your bank account or the latest car you are driving in hopes of catching her attention then save it because her biggest turn off is a guy who tries to buy her affection.

(Whitney J): What do you feel is your best feature?

(Selam): I feel that my best feature would have to be my face.

(Whitney J): What’s your favorite feature on a man?

(Selam): I like a guy with big strong arms!

(Whitney J): Do you have a little black book?

(Selam): No I don’t. (laughs)

(Whitney J): How do you let a guy know that you want to be exclusive?

(Selam): I just tell him straight up. “Look I have feelings for you and I want to be with you. It’s a leap but I put it out there and see what he says.

(Whitney J): How do you feel about paying for dates?

(Selam): I don’t mind paying for a date just not the first date.

(Whitney J): Talker or texter?

(Selam): I’d rather be face to face with a person and talk to them.

(Whitney J): What’s your definition of commitment?

(Selam): To me commitment means giving your all to that one special person.

(Whitney J): What’s your idea of a romantic night?

(Selam): I am a very simple girl. Having a movie night in is fine with me, just being able to spend time together.

Selam states that her favorite hobbies and interest are working out and shopping. She loves to vacation back home to Ethiopia. You must be very secure in yourself and be able to handle a models life because she is a beautiful girl with much potential to succeed in this field!


Whitney J.


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