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#ICandy of the Week: Stevie Baggs Jr

#ICandy of the Week: Stevie Baggs Jr

by Samantha Denäe


Stevie “Shakespeare” Baggs Jr.

IG: steviebaggsjr

Age: 32

From: Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL

College: Bethune-Cookman College, International Business

Occupation: Actor, Author, Philanthropist, & former NFL linebacker

Spiritual, passionate, driven, and giving are all words I would say that describes Mr. Stevie Baggs Jr. He’s driven by his faith in God and is dedicated to reaching his full potential and passion in life while inspiring others to do the same. He’s much more than a handsome face and smile, he’s also genuine, extremely well spoken, and committed to making a change.


Currently Stevie is not married but says that he looks for characteristics in a woman that makes him not only want to live with them, but unable to live without them.

“I wanna be with a person that has characteristics that makes me want to not live without them.  A lot of times those are things that are unexplainable. We have our list [our quote, unquote list] but for me I know that sometimes those things are unexplainable, they just happen and it’s the energy and vibe you have with a person to make it work.”

Although looks are important to him, the beauty on the inside is just as important if not more. “I love someone who’s disposition matches their outward. I think a lot of times you can run into pretty people that are pretty on the exterior but don’t have a pretty disposition.” He went on to say, “I know I’m not flawless but I’m faithful and I know one thing for sure is that I have a good heart and I always try to be in a position to not hurt anybody, not on purpose.”


Stevie also says that he looks for a woman that has a faithful relationship with whichever higher power she believes in. “If a woman has enough strength to be attached to her faith, whatever that maybe, we can work on making us not be unequally yolked, if it’s meant to work”. Being with a family-oriented woman is just as equally important to him as well.

With all that being said, having a woman that is family-oriented, faithful to her beliefs in a higher power, having a matching disposition and exterior beauty, and making him feel as though he cannot live without her is seemingly nothing if she is not ambitious and unable to help him grow to be greater than what he could be on his own.

“I need a woman that can pull greatness out of me and hold me to a higher standard”, he says.

What people need to know and understand is that Stevie is not the average male. Most guys typically have one thing on their minds, making money. Stevie on the other hand is grinding towards something of a greater reward. “I’m on a purpose-chase, not a paper chase, and that’s in my book (Greater Than the Game), I discuss the difference between the two. I think that that’s real”.


He has a beautiful baby girl on the way and is excited about fatherhood and looks at it as a blessing.

His hobbies includes going to the movies, being that he’s an actor he loves to study movies and his counterparts. He also loves bowling and says that he’s very good at the sport, likes to ride motorcycles, and makes visits to the gun range.

Although playing football is a passion for him he says that he’s love acting because it parallel to football. “I can read my playbook and go perform and then go read my script and go perform. It gives me a similar platform to do what we do with the philanthropy. When I played football people wanted to hear you speak because you’re a pro athlete and now that I’m an actor I think it kind of parallels because it gives me the chance to have that voice.”

Stevie is a well-rounded guy who has more to offer than just good looks and charm. His passion for being successful in every arena, genuineness, giving tirelessly, and faith provides him with a characteristic he looks for in a woman: a beautiful matching exterior and disposition.

Ladies take notice. This is the type of man you want!


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