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iCandy of the Week: Meet the Goal Driven Gentleman, Jay Barnett

iCandy of the Week: Meet the Goal Driven Gentleman, Jay Barnett

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iCandy of the Week

Name: Jay Barnett

Age: 33

IG: kingjaybarnett

From: Mississippi

Occupation: Inspirational Role Model, former professional football player, actor

Our younger years of life are the most critical times. Jay Barnett’s younger years were not easy, and it took a toll on his life emotionally. However, he eventually did not allow what he was enduring to bring him down. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Mr. Jay Barnett. He is a man of many words, but contains wisdom beyond his years.

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His drive is the factor that motivates Jay Barnett to wake up in the morning. His dreams to become a big time actor and have a New York Times Bestseller book is another goal. However, his primary objective is to be an inspiration. However, these dreams were not always Jay’s goals. “I grew up in the Mississippi Delta as a preacher kid,” said Jay. After his parents had divorced, Jay moved to Texas in his teenage years. From there, he pursued his passion, football. ” I played football for Tarleton State University; I was their first four-year starter.”   

Time went on and after college Jay was selected as a free agent by the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, his career with the Packers was short lived, and his life went on a downhill spiral. Jay found himself in deep depression and old habits that shadowed his life as a teenager came back to the surface. “I was in a deep depression for about three years and the issue that I dealt with as a teenager was that I was a cutter. Those things re-surfaced again in my adult years after football failed me.” Jay attempted to commit suicide twice but was thankfully unsuccessful. The second attempt, was the last time that he tried to commit suicide. Jay reached his breaking point and turned his life around. “I had a spiritual encounter. I was touched by the hand of God, and that was my call to action. He brought me through this thing twice.” From there he went on to be an inspirational speaker to teenagers that were in the same situation that he was in as a teen. “The many issues and the things I went through as a teenager laid dormant, and then they re-surfaced in my adult years after I lost my clutch. Football was my clutch. I saw it as an outlet for me to be able to be expressive through my resentment and anger towards my father.”

Based on his issues as a teenager Jay was persuaded to write his first book, Finding Our Lost Kings and Queens“From 13 all the way until my 20s I found that I really longed for his acceptance, attention, and validation. Every young boy seeks to be validated by their father or have someone to look up too.” This book is about Jay’s story and his discovery that he was a king. He also wrote a second book called Letters to a Young Queen. In this book, he is addressing the young women to address their inner queen and realize that they are royalty and the should be treated as such.

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In five to ten years, Jay hopes to become a New York Times Bestseller, a household name in speaking to young people, and a big time actor.

His relationship status… taken! Jay is no longer single but is recently engaged! However, he has great advice for other single young men that is worth taking notes!

“The advice that I would give to young single guys, I don’t like to sound cliche, I like everything I say to be authentic, is to come to find who God really is so you can get to know yourself. When you really come to find out who God is because God is love, and knowing that God is love, you are going to have to love that woman that you are seeking. Too many guys look for the perfect woman, and she doesn’t exist. Stop looking for the perfect woman because, you’re not perfect. You’re going to have to love that woman like God loves the church. Most women have emotional baggage especially if they have had a negative experience or a bad relationship. As a man, you have to be willing to love her through that. Whether she got kids, don’t have kids or don’t have a job, women carry a lot.” 

-Jay Barnett


Sarai Ashari


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