#Icandy of the Week: Model O’shea Russell

O’shea Russell

IG: osheadamodel

Age: 30

From: Toledo, OH

Residence: Hampton, VA

Occupation: Model

“God is truly blessing me! Business is booming!” These are the words O’shea used to describe his career. He is very appreciative of how his modeling career has taken off and the opportunities that have been afforded to him. Ladies is so much more than a nice face and body, O’shea displays genuine passion and personality! He prefers to be in a relationship because he feels that he is done mingling. He has values and standards and wants someone who will be there with him to celebrate his successes with. He loves a woman who is an eye catcher. A pretty woman with a great personality, who is genuine and speaks her mind is what he seeks. He states that she has to be supportive of him and he will reciprocate that back. A family oriented woman, who loves kids and is not afraid to speak her mind. The things he seeks seem to be so aligned with who he is!

(Whitney J): What are your turn ons? Turn Offs?

(O’shea): I love surprises and effort! Physical features are not the first turn on but if the package comes with the other things then that are great! My turn offs are a woman who cannot keep herself up. A woman who is insecure is a major turn off. If you have a nasty house and nasty car then I can’t mess with you. I definitely do not like thirst women. I would rather chase you than be chased.

(Whitney J): What do you think your favorite feature is?

(O’shea): My chest, definitely my chest! (laughs)

(Whitney J): What is your favorite feature on woman?

(O’shea): I love a woman with a nice smile.

(Whitney J): Is religion important to you in a relationship?

(O’shea): Religion is VERY important in a relationship. You can’t help me as I help you if you are not getting your help from where I get my help. Religion is a very big deal! You go through so much in a relationship not to know and have a relationship with God.

(Whitney J): How do you let a woman know you want to be exclusive?

(O’shea): I grad her by her neck! (laughs) just kidding! Once we on more than three dates, you are in there. With the lifestyle that I live, if I offer to take you on more than three dates then I’m into you.

(Whitney J): How do you feel about a woman paying for a date?

(O’shea): My woman will not pay for a date. That is a no go.

(Whitney J): What is your definition of commitment?

(O’shea): My definition of commitment is loyalty in every shape and form. That’s the bottom line.

O’shea prides himself in practicing abstinence for the last four months. He is looking forward to meeting someone who he can share this upward ride up the success ladder. Ladies if you make it to that third date, be ready for a romantic night on the beach or on a yacht, two glasses of ice cold water (He doesn’t drink), music, fruit, candles and a picnic at night. Romanticism is what O’shea is all about!


Whitney J.


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