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Name: Rauve Haley

IG: Rauvesuave

Age: 26

From: Virginia Beach, VA

Residence: Washington, DC

Occupation: Personal Trainer

This week’s #Icandy is Rauve who is a relationship type of guy who states, “Nothing beats being in positive relationship”! He acknowledges that both being a bachelor and being in a committed relationship can have both ups and downs; however his choice would be to be in a strong and positive relationship. He spoke of his past dating experiences being a long distance situation that felt like a having an invisible and imaginary friend, who really is not present for a relationship. This relationship taught him a lot about himself and he now knows better ways to communicate with someone you love! Now this is something that I know women can appreciate, because communication is a major factor in a relationship!

(Whitney J): What qualities do you look for in a woman?

(Rauve): I look for a confident woman who is charismatic, down to earth, fit (taken care of), and has a sense of style. I don’t ask for much, just to be yourself! I think that is beautiful within itself.

(Whitney J): What are some of your turn ons and turn offs?

(Rauve): Turn Ons: Nice body, nice teeth, smile, sense of humor and a woman who smells nice even at moments when you do not expect it! I love that!

Turn Offs: Talking too much, bragging, and insecurity

(Whitney J): What do you feel is your best feature?

(Rauve): I have been told that my smile is my best feature so I’m going to go with that! (Quite modest of him ladies as you can tell by the pictures!)

(Whitney J): What’s your favorite feature on a woman?

(Rauve): Well I am a black man so, haha ASS!

(Whitney J): How do you feel about one night stands?

(Rauve): I know this may sound weird coming from a guy but I am not a big fan of one night stands. I do not take those serious who are operate on pure lower physical level of vibration; they only attract creeps and sexual advances, which is not my forte.

(Whitney J): Is religion important in a relationship?

(Rauve): If I am looking for longevity in a relationship then religion is very important.

(Whitney J): How do you let a woman know you want to be exclusive?

(Rauve): Once I begin to give a lady my undivided attention, and we are spending close to every night together, then usually what’s understood shouldn’t have to be explained. However there’s always that awkward conversation that eventually needs to happen to make things clear so no one is getting their feelings hurt.

(Whitney J): Woman paying for a date…. How do you feel about that?

(Rauve): No never! I frown upon men who make women pay for a date. I believe women are God’s gift to men, the least you could do it pick up a tab. If you are against that then you should not be going on dates. (Ain’t that the truth?) IF a woman insists on paying then that’s another thing, which could be a turn on, because she is displaying her independence which is very sexy!

(Whitney J): What is your definition of commitment?

(Rauve): My definition of commitment is remaining dedicated to someone even after you have seen them at their absolute worst!

Ladies Rauve Haley is definitely a catch! He is sexy and fit gentleman who knows exactly how to treat a lady! Due to his busy schedule, which can be respected because he is chasing his dreams and grinding, he prefers to text! If you guys make it to being romantically involved please be ready to be blown away with a romantic night in with a good movie and a nice bottle of wine!

Whitney J.

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