#Icandy of the Week: Tattooed Goddess Alisa

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Name: Alisa

IG: MplsGoddess

Age: 31

Where is she from: Minneapolis, MN

Residence: Minneapolis, MN

Occupation: Finance

Alisa is a tattooed goddess hailing all the way from Minneapolis, MN. But please don’t think that the cold weather matches her personality! She is a beautiful woman both inside and out! Currently, she enjoys being a bachelorette but hopes to one day hang up that card and be in a healthy and happy relationship. In a man she is looking for honesty, integrity and loyalty! All the characteristics needed to take anyone seriously!

(Whitney J): Have you ever been in love?

(Alisa): YES of course!! It’s a wonderful feeling!!

(Whitney J): What do you feel is your best feature?

(Alisa):  I feel that my intelligence is my best feature! I think this because my intelligence can only grow, it will never fade unlike looks!

(Whitney J): What is your favorite feature on a man?

(Alisa): His hands… Tells you a lot about him! LOL If I don’t like a man’s hands, it’s hard for me to get past that!

(Whitney J): How do you let a man know you want to be exclusive?

(Alisa): I just simply tell him! Men are not mind readers! LOL

(Whitney J): What is your definition of commitment?

(Alisa): I define commitment as the lack of self-indulgence!! Commitment is about putting someone else’s happiness before yours.

(Whitney J): What are some of your hobbies?

(Alisa): I am a poet, an athlete, a chef and an all-around goof ball.

Alisa is the total package, beauty, brains and tattoos! When she wants to change the weather from the cold snowy weather in Minnesota, her favorite vacation spot is in Jamaica! Her idea of a romantic night is quiet night in……no TV, I’ll cook and we can listen to jazz while sitting on the floor, drowning in each other’s thoughts and dreams…..no socks required.

Whitney J.

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