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Ideas To Beautify Your Vanity Room

Ideas To Beautify Your Vanity Room

We all want to look beautiful walking out that door. Whether it’s your routine preparation for an everyday startup, or your extra mile for a special event; your vanity room makes the process of getting ready easier, hassle-free and efficient.


That said, your vanity room has to look the part—right? I mean, you walk in there ready to bring out the most charming aspects of your physical self, and the space has to provide that kind of inspiration. In this post, we give you five tips that can help you beautify your… beautifying space! ET

1-  Choose Calming Colors

While your choice of lipstick and eyeliner colors can vary based on the season, your outfit, and your mood, but avoid colors that can be “too exciting” in your vanity corner. Light colors in paint and furniture always tend to open up the space and make it easier to see all of your beauty details. Soft pastels are soothing and inviting, so start with mostly neutrals and infuse a few accents of color to keep the space looking and feeling like a breeze.

2-  Integrate an Illuminated Mirror

Sure, you have a mirror. But here’s the thing with lit mirrors; they offer a streamlined, two-for-one solution. Illuminated mirrors immediately add a magical touch to your vanity room, bringing out its mystical beauty; and they are designed, especially for the purpose of applying makeup with light that falls at a perfect angle onto the face, leaving no room for errors (unlike separately installed lights.)

3-  Set Up an “Inspiration Station”

Installing a shelf for photos of your favorite makeup palettes, art prints, or a small music speaker will give you the chance to add a little inspiration to your daily routine. Even if you’ve invested in the best vanity set on the market, who says you can’t add your own personal touch to your beautifying space? A simple decorative shelf can work wonders, even above the biggest of mirrors.

4-  Pick a Comfortable, Supportive Chair

Obviously, the chair has to fit the flair of beauty you’re adding to the room, but it also has to fit its purpose. While doing your makeup and hair, or accessorizing, you’ll need to sit in something very comfortable, but also have the need to sit up straight. Make good posture a daily habit with which you start out your day.

5-  Organize Your Table Pretty

Granted, your vanity set or table has to come complete with at least a few drawers. You don’t want everything piling up in one big mess on top of your beauty area.


Another great tool I discovered was those little organizers that sit atop your table space; they come with tiny little drawers and slots for your makeup and hanging props for frequently used jewelry. Nothing is prettier than a neat space with everything in sight and easy to locate.

No matter how small your vanity room is, it’s yours— it’s where you spend that little me time working on how you want to present yourself to the world. The least you could do is make that space inviting and inspiring enough for you, because you deserve it.



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