If Loving You Is Wrong- “Alex’s Baby”

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If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Randal desperately trying to reach his Alex. He bangs on her door believing Brad is hurting her. Brad answers the door angrily and threatens to hurt him. Randal takes the blame for their affair, infuriating Marcie as she sees this as him defending her again. She begins to yell telling all the neighbors about Alex and Randal. He carries her back into the house.


Lushion, Natalie, and Joey recoup at home after the shooting. Joey and Natalie are glad he is okay. Natalie begs him to quit the police department when he tells her the shooters were aiming for Edward. He refuses and assures her he had nothing to do with Edward’s shooting. He realized from the whole ordeal that she loves him and tells her to tell him. She resists, but finally gives in and tells him she loves him. He tells her he loves her too and kisses her. The captain calls him in for questioning before Internal Affairs does the next day. Marcie goes to visit Kelly and they dish over her night with Travis. She tells Kelly about Randal’s antics the night before, still feeling humiliated and hurt over her marriage. She decides she is going to get an apartment and move out. Marcie realizes how awkward it must be for Kelly to be in the middle of she and Alex’s problems.  Alex arrives to confide in Kelly not knowing Marcie is there. Marcie confronts her and berates her for ruining her life and then lies again about sleeping with Brad again. Alex leaves angrily and defeated.


Lushion is greeted with a round of applause from his fellow officers at the precinct. The captain thanks him for his good work and then questions him about Edward and whether he is dirty or not. At home, Alex packs bags for herself and the kids to go visit with her mother for a little while. The children question her about her relationship with their father. She tells them she did something bad and that he will not forgive her. Their son demands Brad forgive Alex. He tells him it is not that simple. Alex tells him he is sleeping with Marcie. he realizes Marcie has been lying on him. Alex tries to get him to forgive her, but he refuses and tells her she is not taking their kids anywhere. She leaves hurt.


Brad confronts Marcie about lying about sleeping with him. She tells him she wants to make Alex suffer. Brad tells her he will not go along with her lies and suggests they forgive their spouses. She refuses and when Randal pulls up asks him to kiss her. He refuses. Marcie tells him that Alex’s baby is not his, but he does not believe her. She realizes Alex is lucky to have him. Alex rests in her room and is surprised when Brad cuddles next to her in the bed. They cry and hold one another. Edward arrives at Esperanza’s home in tears asking to see Meeka. He breaks down in front of Esperanza, realizing he is a terrible person. He also realizes how badly he has treated her and tells her he loves her.


Alex begins to feel labor pains and tries to drive herself to the hospital. She collapses outside, Randal finds her and takes her to the hospital, despite her resistance. At the hospital, the ladies find Randal waiting to learn about Alex’s condition. They demand he leaves. He finally relents. The doctor arrives and tells them Alex’s baby is perfect, despite being premature. She asks that she see Brad before he sees the baby. The ladies go to visit the baby in the nursery and realize he is black. They all wonder how they are going to tell Brad as he arrives at the hospital.

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