If Loving You Is Wrong- “Betting On Tina”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Matthew enlisting Tina’s aide in helping Pete. He warns her if she does nothing she will have a code blue on her hands. Tina gets another nurse to help her check on Pete, but Eddie tries to stall them, and lies telling them his name is Lushion. She manages to get him out of the way in time and has the other nurse check Pete’s vitals while she informs Ben they will be installing a wireless camera in the room as standard practice to protect injured cops. Ben informs Eddie, with the latter lamenting over how stupid he was for letting her discover he is an addict. Kelly, Natalie, Esperanza, and their children sleep over at Alex’s house. Esperanza and Natalie wonder if its safe for them to be there. Kelly explains Brad came to his senses, but told them of Randal’s plan to take Alex’s baby. They all fear he will soon learn how dangerous it is to try and take a child from his mother.

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Tilda goes to see Quan and finds him chilling with his boys. She angrily reprimands him for shooting up the Burger Joint and going after Eddie. She tells him she knows it was not his idea. He tries to stop her from disrespecting him in front of his boys, but she fires a gun shooting one of them in the leg as the rest of them scatter. She then tells him his reputation on the streets has become a joke since he let Joey rob him. She tells him to take Joey out and to stay away from Julius. Brad finds it hard to sleep thinking about everything that has happened that day. Marcie does as well. They both find themselves reeling from the drama but still in love with their respective spouses. Marcie warns him not to underestimate Randal’s cunning and manipulation. While Brad warns her not to underestimate Alex’s adaptability and determination. Joey tries to convince Faun to hook up with him at his mother’s house while she is away for the night. She refuses, telling him she likes nicer things and suggests they go back to the Burger Joint. He eventually convinces her to stay.


Kelly tells the girls about Ramsey and how she is ready to move on from Travis. She also tells Natalie about his house and asks Ramsey to show it to her. The girls check out the house and Natalie seems to like it a lot. She calls Lushion and asks him to come and view it too. Lushion checks out the house and feels it is a good deal. He speaks privately with Ramsey and tells him not to tell Natalie his mother died there. Natalie feels this is a great new start for she, Lushion, and her kids.

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