If Loving You Is Wrong- “Brown Paper Bag”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Joey and Faun making out on the sofa in his mother’s apartment. Their romance is cut short when Lushion comes there looking for the brown paper bag containing the disk of Eddie shooting Ben. Faun hides in the kids’ room while Lushion frantically searches for it in the bread box. He calls Natalie to question her about it, but she believed it to be in the bread box as well. Lushion makes Joey help him look for it. At the hospital, Eddie leaves Ben to try and figure out a way to off Pete and runs into Julius. The latter goads him about being in the drive by. Eddie in turn tells him he is powerless and that it is his father who is the real gangster. Julius goes to visit his father and finds his lawyer there. The man tells him that his father is leaving everything to Tilda, his older sister, and Julius’s mother. Tilda arrives and demands he be watched, certain he will do something to his father if given the chance.


Natalie returns home to help Lushion find the bag, but instead finds Faun hiding in one of the beds. She admonishes Joey for having her in her home, but decides to hold off punishing him to find the bag. Joey walks Faun to her car, where she admonishes him for putting her in such an awkward position. He tells her they are friends, and she becomes hurt. She leaves, feeling nothing will evolve between them. As he heads to the house, Quan confronts and promises to kill him, and afterwards to go after Faun. Back in the house, Natalie warns him he has once more to mess up  before she puts him out. Alex finally awakes from her nap and talks with Kelly and Esperanza. She tells them she promises to do whatever it takes to protect her son and keep him from Randal. She also tells them Brad is her son’s father and she will make him see that. Brad has trouble sleeping and makes Marcie cuddle with him, telling her he just wants to be held.

Octavio Pizano as "Julius"
Octavio Pizano as “Julius”

Julius goes to visit Randal, where the latter thanks him for the lawyers and favor with the judge. He, in turn, asks Randal about Tilda, and his sister’s whereabouts. Randal advises him to speak with his father. Kelly tries to convince Alex to allow Randal to see the baby, to avoid a trial, but she refuses.  Julius returns to the hospital and smothers his father with a pillow!

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