If Loving You Is Wrong- “Fatherless Boys”

If Loving You Is Wrong  begins with Alex desperately trying to keep Brad from hurting Randal. Brad kicks in his door and begins searching his his house for him, but he is nowhere to be found. He takes an ax and begins to chop away at his boat. The next morning Kelly calls and to check on Alex but there is no answer. She leaves her a message, updating her about the kids and promising to check on her later. At breakfast, Kelly learns that Brad and Alex’s kids miss them and know they are fighting about something. Justice tells them, Travis, who he still believes is is father does not return his phone calls and that if he does not want to be apart of his life then he does not want him there. His mother is hurt by his statement. At Natalie’s apartment, Joey dresses for an interview in a nice suit, but lacks a tie. Lushion loans him one, but he is hesitant to tie it because he does not know how to. Lushion ties it for him and lays it on the table. After everyone has left Natalie apologizes to him for not providing him with a good father and tells him how proud she is of him.


At the police precinct Ed confronts and threatens Lushion for stopping him from hurting Randal the night before. He then insults him by acting black. Esperanza finds him angry in the hallway and thanks him for stopping Ed the night before. She warns him of his angry nature. Lushion questions going to Internal Affairs, but she warns him against it saying it could end his career. Joey applies for a job at the chemical plant against his mother’s advice and seems to be failing the interview. When asked for references he tries to use one of the employees at the Burger Joint, but gets Natalie instead. She demands he leave the plant but he refuses, so she gives the hiring manager a bad reference for him.


Marcie visits Kelly at her job and thanks her for telling her about Randal and Alex’s affair. She promises to check in with her later. Later, Ed continues his rant against Lushion. They harass the local drug dealers who feel Lushion is setting them up on account of Joey. Lushion tells Ed they are clean and they leave. In the car Ed shows him a packet of cocaine he “found” on the dealer and then uses it in the car! He tries to get Lushion to use it too but he refuses it and the stack of money he shows him. Elsewhere, Travis arrives at Kelly’s home to talk with Justice at Kelly’s request. He tries to be affectionate with her but she refuses. His mother arrives and apologizes, surprising them both. She tells Kelly she was good for him. Justice is initially not too thrilled to see Travis. He apologizes for ignoring him and promises to do right by him moving forward. He then tells him he is not his biological father. Justice seems saddened and dismissive of the news. Travis continues to try win Kelly over but she makes him leave.

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Randal returns home and finds his door kicked in. In his backyard he finds Brad chopping away his boat. He apologizes but Brad attacks him with the ax, narrowly missing. They begin to fight and Brad tries to shoot them. Alex tries to intervene when suddenly shots are fired!

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