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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Girlfriends”

If Loving You Is Wrong- “Girlfriends”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Lushion and Ed at odds as the former tries to keep the latter from going into Randal’s house and hurting him. Lushion refuses to stand down and Ed promises to make him suffer. Natalie and Esperanza comfort Alex as she cries while Kelly looks on in silence. The ladies tell her they are there for her, but Alex feels that Kelly thinks she is a slut and whore. Kelly tells her she does not think that about her, but wonders what was she thinking. Alex tells them how sorry she is for everything she has done. Kelly admits to pointing Marcie in her direction and apologizes. They decide to stand together in the midst of this drama.


Alex decides to stay home alone with Brad so they can try and work things out. As the ladies leave they are met by Travis, who is waiting to talk to Kelly again. He tells her he has called off his engagement to Callista and wants her back in his life. Kelly admonishes him for toying with womens’ hearts and warns him to stay away from her or else. Elsewhere, at the baseball field, Ed tries to comfort Brad, but ends up talking him into taking revenge on Randal. He asks Ed for a gun, who gives him his unmarked spare! Brad leaves to enact his revenge. Joey receives a visit from his boss’s daughter at home. They flirt and plan to hang out, but are interrupted by a few of the neighborhood hoodlums’ cat calls. Joey quickly ushers her to her car and confronts the dealer, wh declares he will get him back for taking his money. Their confrontation is cut short when Lushion arrives and diffuses the situation. He promises Joey that he and Natalie will protect him.


Brad returns home and furiously packs a suitcase while Alex pleads for him to talk to her. He refuses until she demands he look at her. He does and then hugs her tightly and begins to squeeze her! She screams telling him she cannot breathe. He comes to his senses and she collapses to the ground in tears. He tries to leave but she blocks him at every doorway. He demands answers to why she cheated on him. She apologizes again, but he demands she make this up to him by killing Randal. She refuses and he asks her does she love Randal, was she with him in the shed late the night their daughter awoke, where they had sex, how often, and is Randal bigger than him. She answers all of his questions and more (disturbingly so…) He demands she say, “I was having sex while my husband was faithful.” He asks her even more questions about her sex life with Randal and if she is pregnant with his child. She tells him it is not Randal’s child and she knows because she counted the days of conception on her calendar. He demands to see it.

He finds a grading system in her calendar for Randal’s sex versus his. She gives Randal A’s and him F’s! He tells her she has betrayed and embarrassed him. He runs out of the door with the gun!

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