If Loving You Is Wrong- “He’s Beautiful”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Louise pulling Randal off of Marcy. She quickly runs next door to get Brad. He lets her in and taunts Randal in the meanwhile. Randal speeds away angrily. In the meanwhile, Marcy asks to Alex’s date book and sees all the dates she hooked up with Randal and the grades she gave him and Brad. She tells Brad she wants to have sex with him in the shed every day they did. Louise comes to fetch her from the house and demands she go with him. She leaves with her and meets with Kelly and Ramsey, pushing their meeting to another date. Kelly realizes something is wrong and learns what has transpired. She and Louise warn her she is behaving recklessly and to prepare herself for what is coming. At the precinct, Eddie is “welcomed” back to the force. Pete learns he has been “demoted” to bike patrol and is taunted by Eddie, who tells him he is now unprotected. Eddie questions the call center supervisor about Claudia and tells Lushion he is glad they are partners again, but the latter tells the former he had better straighten up or else. The partners are given the assignment to cover a drug dealer’s murder, but Natalie arrives demanding to speak with Lushion. He promises to talk with her later. When Esperanza arrives Natalie interrogates her about Eddie and if he and Lushion are up to no good. Esperanza promises to get answers without Eddie suspecting anything.

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Julius and his father have a heart to heart. The old man warns him to leave Eddie be and not to alienate his street level thugs as they provide vital information for their cartel. Julius promises to honor his advice and back off. Later, Eddie uses a copy of Esperanza’s key to get in her house. She demands he leave, but he refuses. She tells him that the girl he hooked up with in her house stole their daughter’s diamond earrings. Eddie promises to kill her, but still refuses to leave and becomes angry when Esperanza accuses him of paying for her home with drug money. He believes Lushion and/or Natalie have told her about him. Quan and Julius stake out the Burger Joint, spotting Faun and Joey as they leave. Julius tells him to lay off Eddie until things die down, but wants him to re-establish his power by personally killing Joey for beating him up and taking his money. Natalie, Esperanza, and Kelly go to visit Alex at the hospital. They learn she will be released from the hospital the next day. There, Alex reveals she knows about Brad and Marcy hooking up and blames her for everything that has happened. She tells her they are no longer friends and makes Natalie and Esperanza leave as well.

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Brad drives to Alex’s parents’ house and tries to convince her father, Rusty, to try and come visit her and the new baby. Rusty remains completely indifferent, but her mother seems interested.


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