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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Lady Next Door”

If Loving You Is Wrong- “Lady Next Door”

If Loving You Is Wrong is back and Randal and Marcie continue to duke it out! They are so loud a woman passing by outside hears them and calls the police. Esperanza gets her call and realizes its Marcie and Randal’s address. She puts a notice out and Lushion and Ed head that way. Esperanza calls Kelly and informs her that something is going on, she acts as if she does not know what is going on but decides to look and see. Esperanza calls Brad and asks him to knock on their door and see what’s up. Kelly and Alex try to discourage him, but he insists on helping. Lushion and Ed stop him when they arrive. They are met at the door by Randal who stalls at letting them come in. He tells them that he and Marcie only had an argument. They find her on the sofa distraught. She tells them she is not okay, and Randal insists everything is fine. Lushion takes him outside to question him while Ed speaks with Marcie. Marcie tells him she hit Randal, and learns he can press charges on her. She tells Ed he has been sleeping with their neighbor. She wants to leave and he allows her to pack a bag. She leaves and stares down Alex angrily. Ed and Brad assume Randal is having an affair with Kelly.


Brad tells Alex that Randal and Kelly are having an affair. Alex is relieved that her secret is still safe. At Natalie’s house she and Joey are finally speaking again. He tells her he is going to look for a job and that she knows he did not steal the money from her store. She refuses to admit he is right, but he tells her Lushion is a good dude. She is surprised by his change of heart concerning him. She follows him downstairs and there confront the drug dealers in her apartment complex. She warns their leader to stay away from her son and to get the money back they stole from her store–or they will have her to deal with. Joey is embarrassed by his mother’s actions and escorts her back upstairs while he goes to look for a new job.


Ed sends Lushion to check up on Esperanza’s whereabouts for the night. She is wise to his game and tells him off! He tells her Kelly and Randal are sleeping together. Later that night, Natalie and Esperanza stop by Kelly’s house on the way to Brad’s party. They confront her about the rumor and she vehemently defends herself. She tells them she does not live next door to Randal and Marcie–they soon realize Alex is the culprit! At Brad’s house, Alex has a surprise party for him. Everyone gives him a gift, but the mood changes when Randal stops by. He hugs Alex and rubs her behind, Natalie catches him! Brad makes a speech thanking his wife for the party. Alex becomes teary eyed and leaves to gather herself upstairs. Randal follows her. Meanwhile, Esperanza promises to sell Ed out if he does anything to set Lushion up.

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Upstairs Randal pulls Alex to the side and tells her what has happened with Marcie. He tells her to tell Brad so they can be together and tires of their stolen moments. He tells her he is glad Marcie found out because he loves her and wants her to himself. He feels she would be relieved in Brad knew, but she tells him she loves Brad. Natalie confronts Randal about following Alex and warns him to leave her alone. She advises Alex to tell her husband what is going on and let’s it go at Alex’s behest. Marcie shows up at Brad’s party unexpectedly with a gift. Randal tries to get her to leave but she refuses. Randal escorts her out as she demands Brad open his gift in front of everyone. Outside Marcie fights Randal off of her and tells him she hates him. Kelly comforts her and walks her away, prompting Ed to realize Randal has been sleeping with Alex. He punches Randal out and Marcie continues to plead with Brad to open her gift. He goes into the house and finds Alex hiding it, he demands she hand it over. In it are all of the messages between Alex and Randal printed out. Brad realizes what has happened and beats Randal down and leaves!

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