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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Miss Louise”

If Loving You Is Wrong- “Miss Louise”

Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong returns in the hospital parking lot as Kelly and Esperanza plead with Brad to calm down and not leave. Natalie tries to stop them, but they insist he needs to face what is going on. Brad angrily reminds him he is not their friend and there’s nothing they can really say to make things better. Esperanza tells him that Alex loves him. He threatens to run her over and then speeds away. Natalie blames Alex for what has happened, but is admonished by her friends for being brutally honest. They tell her to sympathize with Alex and be a good friend. They wonder if Alex has seen the baby and return to the hospital. At Esperanza’s home, Edward changes his bandages and receives a call from his friend. He asks him about his money and info on who shot him. He calls another guy about his money and is surprised Steven has answered the phone. He tells him Lushion is speaking to internal affairs. He calls Esperanza to find out where she is and learns Alex has had her baby. He tells her he hope it hurt her like hell. Esperanza hangs up and lies to Natalie about who she was talking to. Edward calls about his money again and this time threatens Ben via voicemail.

marcie if loving you is wrong hey mikey atl

Marcie talks with a woman on the phone about her issues with Randal and how she wants to leave but cannot afford to or he will get the house. The doorbell rings and Marcie is surprised by Randal’s mother, Louise. She demands to know where her son is. She sees the house is in disarray and begins to clean up. She declares she is staying there and blames her for whatever is going on with Randal. Marcie demands she leaves, but she refuses. She tells her she can leave willingly or she will “drag her old ass out.” Louise decides to stay on the front porch until he arrives and calls Randal, demanding he call her back. Back at Esperanza’s house Edward hooks up with a woman and threatens to beat her for spraying perfume. He demands she get back in bed while he threatens and blackmails Ben on the phone. He also threatens to kill him and demands to have his money within the hour. He kicks the girl out for not washing all the perfume off.

brad and randal if loving you is wrong hey mikey atl

Brad returns home and is greeted by Louise. She reintroduces herself to him and questions him about her son’s whereabouts, and if Alex has seen him. He ignores her and goes inside. There he breaks down thinking about his wife and Randal’s affair. Back at the precinct, Lushion finishes his interview with internal affairs. The captain realizes he is covering up for Edward; and demands to know if he is a dirty cop. Lushion tells him with time he believes he can help him, avoiding the captain’s questions. Lushion tells him if he reveals anything as a new cop in the department it would be bad for him. Ben introduces himself to Lushion and asks him what is it like to shoot him and about internal affairs. Lushion advises him to stick to his job and leave everything else alone. Ben pours some coffee and then sneaks into the captain’s office. There, takes pictures of Lushion statement with his phone. The captain catches him, but he pretends he was there offering the coffee to suck up.

alex if loving you is wrong hey mikey atl

At the hospital, Alex refuses to look at or touch her newborn baby, demanding the nurse leave. Ben brings Edward Lushion’s info. Edward demands the money he collected, but he claims he never received. Edward calls his dealer and demands he meet with him immediately and that Ben come with him. Back at the hospital, Randal tries to see Alex, but the ladies block him. He tries to get past them, but Natalie threatens to slice him up! He insults Kelly about her relationship and declares himself as Alex’s man. He continues to goad and insult the ladies, but they will not back down. Natalie warns him again, but he shoves her to move! She cuts him with a box cutter on his arm and when he calls her a ghetto bitch does it again! A security guard intervenes and Natalie pretends he is threatening them. Alex’s doctor realizes who he is and tells him he cannot see her. The security guard escorts him away. He warns them they cannot keep him from her. Natalie decides to sneak into see Alex nonetheless, with the other ladies in tow. Edward and Ben confront his dealer, Taye, about the money. Edward threatens to shoot him and pulls out his gun and shoots at his foot. Taye shows him a video proving he gave Ben the money. Edward pulls his gun on Ben, putting it to his face. He takes Ben by the hand and holds it to the car shooting his hand off!

tyler perry's if loving you is wrong hey mikey atl


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