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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Out Of Control”

If Loving You Is Wrong- “Out Of Control”

The season finale of If Loving You Is Wrong begins on a crazy note as Randal purchases and puts up a stork sign congratulating him and Alex on their newborn son. Marcy is taken aback and deeply troubled by the news. She stumbles next door to confirm the news from Brad. When she finds out it is true she races home to her bathroom and throws up. Louise learns what Randal has done and offers Marcy’s her savings to leave her son for good. She agrees feeling someone will get hurt soon. At the precinct Pete hands over the tape of Eddie shooting Ben’s hand off to the Captain and is commended for his efforts. He tells him only he and Claudia have seen it. Steven looks on concerned.  Lushion goes to Natalie’s house to find Joey sitting on the steps and learns his mother has put him out for getting her fired. He tells him he will talk to her. Inside, Natalie lays into Lushion about keeping his savings a secret and tells him to leave. He offers to get Joey a hotel room, but the latter tells him he is waiting for Faun to come and pick him up.

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At the precinct, Claudia flirts with Pete and convinces him into asking her out. He seems into her until he saws the Captain talking to another officer and then leaves abruptly. Eddie goes to Natalie’s house and kicks in her door. He confronts her about telling Esperanza he has been robbing drug dealers. She threatens to stab him with a knife and he threatens to shoot her. He warns her not tell Esperanza anything else about him. She demands he leave again and when he does not she reaches for the knife. He tases her in front of her youngest son! Elsewhere, Marcy spots Brad drinking in the backyard by the shed. She joins him and they discuss their issues. She tells him she did enjoy sex with him, but that part of their relationship is over. He agrees, but they agree to be roommates and get an apartment together since neither of them can afford to get another house on their own. Pete goes to Natalie’s apartment looking for Lushion. He tells her he has been trying to reach him and reveals he helped him pack up his apartment so he could move in with her. He gives Natalie a copy of the tape and asks her to give it to Lushion and leaves scared–with someone following him.

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The next morning, Alex’s children asks when she will be home from the hospital. Brad reveals she will be home later that day and gets them on the bus to school. There, Kelly questions whether he is being truthful with them. He tells her he is going to pick her up and shows her the sign Randal has posted in his front yard. Kelly is mortified by it, and tries to apologize to Marcy for not telling her about the baby. Marcy tells her she is not a friend to her because she did not tell her the truth and left her blindsided by Randal’s antics. Esperanza arrives at the precinct and questions Claudia about why she is always there. She tells her she is trying to pick up more shifts and apologizes for conversing with Eddie. Esperanza tells her she has no feelings for him and to be careful of him. She also tells her that Pete is a good guy, and that she should focus on her work. Brad arrives at the hospital to pick up Alex, but she is reluctant to go with him, feeling he is up to no good. She decides to take her doctor up on her offer and receive a ride home from her.

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At the precinct, Pete is reluctant to go on bike patrol and desperately tries to talk to Lushion. Meanwhile, Eddie works out a plan with Ben to take out Pete. Frank calls Lushion and tells him about what happened between his mother and Eddie. Natalie confirms Eddie tased her, but that it did not hurt her nearly as much as he hurt her. She hangs up the phone and Lushion confronts Eddie enraged. He forces him into the locker room as the Captain sends Pete out on patrol. In the locker room, Lushion warns Eddie about going after Natalie and pulls the fire alarm. He shoots him multiple times in his bullet proof vest and leaves him on the floor. Lushion looks for Pete and learns he is on bike patrol in the south side. Lushion tells Steven he has to leave to take care of a “personal matter” and will return in an hour. Pete and Ben respond to a call, and the latter follows Eddie’s orders. Pete is met by five gunmen who try to shoot him off his bike. He takes shelter behind a dumpster and returns fire. When he runs out of rounds he calls for Ben and back up to no avail. They gun him down in the street! Elsewhere, Alex returns home and thanks her doctor for the ride. Brad tells her about Randal’s sign. Inside he tells her that her parents have come to visit. Her mother tells her Brad rented a car a far them to come down to see their new grandchild. She then asks to see the baby.




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