If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Debt”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Joey pushing Lushion and confronting him about taking money from Quan. Natalie breaks them up and tries to defend Lushion to him, but he refuses to listen and tells them people are after him now. Lushion tells him he will fix everything. Elsewhere, Marcie leaves for work, but decides to stop and confront Alex about how she has ruined her life. She asks her if she has any STDs and demands to know where she was sleeping with Randal at. Alex tells her, but she tells her she hates her and is now the type of person that would do anything to hurt her and wishes she was dead. Natalie continues to try and diffuse the beef between Joey and Lushion. He tells her the truth about Quan and she figures out somehow Edward was involved. She demands he quit his job for his own safety, but he refuses and tells her everything will be alright and to give it some time.


Esperanza receives a visit from Miguel Mercado, Randal’s lawyer representing him against the police precinct. He has a few questions about Edward for Esperanza. She tells him they have a daughter together, but she knows nothing else about him and dismisses him. Miguel tries to leave, but his car stalls in her driveway, preventing her from leaving. At the precinct, Lushion violently confronts Edward and demands he return the cash he stole from Quan. Edward is glad to see him enraged and agrees to do it only to prove to him that Quan is no good. Brad catches Randal stalking Alex. Randal leaves when he comes down to leave for work, but returns when he sees him leave. He tries to get Alex to talk to him, but she refuses. He calls her on the phone to tell her he loves her. She tells him she wishes nothing had ever happened between them. Randal is hurt by her words and tells her Marcie and Brad had sex. She tells him she was lying and that the baby she is carrying is not his. She ends things between them once and for all.


Julius returns and confronts Quan about being short on the money he owes for his drugs. The latter tells him he is working on getting it back but needs some time. Julius refuses to grant his request and tells him he is taking over the business from his ailing father. To solidify his power he has his goons prepare to kill Quan as an example. Quan pleads with him, telling him Edward took the money from him. Julius not only cancels his debt, but tells him he will repay him by killing Edward. Quan is reluctant to kill a cop. Miguel flirts with Esperanza and asks her out, but she tries to rebuff his advances. She begins to think he might not be a “slimy lawyer” when she hears him talking to his daughter.


Quan and his thugs roll up at The Burger Joint and sit in the lobby. Joey demands they leave, but Quan refuses and demands he call Lushion down. Joey refuses, realizing he is up to something. Jackie calls the police and Natalie. Meanwhile, Edward visits with Brad and rags on him for not sleeping with Marcie. When they receive a call he reluctantly goes to the Burger Joint with Lushion. There, Quan and his goons hit the floor as gunmen begin to shoot the restaurant up in a drive by!

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