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If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Painter”

If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Painter”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins at the precinct with Lushion bringing his superior’s findings about Ben into question, revealing there may be a video tape of what really happens. Lushion backs down when the captain questions his claims. Edward calls him to antagonize him, warning him not to ask questions about the shooting and thanks him for saving his life. At the hospital, the doctor finds Alex resting peacefully with Kelly watching over her. The doctor thanks her for helping her and notices her vitals have stabilized. Esperanza and Natalie stop by briefly, admiring how she got Alex to see the baby and calm down. Kelly notices Alex is moving in her sleep and wonders what she is dreaming about. Alex dreams about how she and Brad met Marcie and Randal. After the couples meet the latter help Alex and Brad unpack and move in. The girls bond over wanting children and the guys bond over sports. Brad asks Randal to look out for his wife while he is working. The two couples hang out more, with Alex and Brad admiring her romantic and spontaneous Marcie and Randal are. The couples switch partners while dancing, with Randal and Ale enjoying one another’s company.


When Alex and Brad returns home they make love, but are done minutes later. Alex is left unsatisfied. Marcie and Randal, however, are still going hours later. Alex sees them from her window and stares. Randal stops and closes the curtains when he sees her. They are sure she is shocked. The next morning Randal apologizes to her for the scene the night before. She dismisses his apology and tells him everything is fine. She tells him about her past as a small town girl as they flirt more. That night, she watches them have sex again. Months later, the couples return from dinner together and wish each other a good night. Randal palms Alex’s butt as he hugs her goodnight. More months pass and Alex becomes pregnant, while Marcie looks on jealously.

if loving you is wrong cast hey mikey atl

The years pass by and Alex and Brad continue to grow their family and life. Randal comes to see her while she and he are alone. He apologized for holding her too long and brushing his leg against hers when they are out. He notices that lately she has been responsive to him. She blames it on them drinking, trying to dismiss his allegation. He comes on to her and tells her he sees her peeking through the curtains watching him and Marcie having sex. She denies it, and then he tells her how he feels for her and desires her. He asks that she not tell Marcie or Brad and then tries to kiss her. She tells him he is wrong and asks him to leave so she can check on her kids. Over time they continue to flirt. Marcie tells her she is having a hard time getting pregnant and asks her to come out with her. She and Randal invite her out for a night out, but she tries to resist so she can get the house ready for her parents’ visit. Marcie volunteers Randal’s help with painting and Brad has arranged a babysitter for the kids. Randal promises to be on his “best behavior” while they are out bowling.

alex and randal if loving you is wrong hey mikey atl

The next day Randal helps Alex paint the house and continues to flirt with her and grinds up on her as he helps her open a window. Alex’s parents arrive early for their visit. Her mother admires the house, but her father berates her about the house and for marrying Brad. Randal comes downstairs to introduce himself–shirtless–her father questions why he is there and yells at her for having him there. He calls Randal a boy and a darkie and then leaves. Her mother admonishes her for having him there too and leaves with him. Alex goes to Randal’s shed and apologizes to him about her parents. He comforts her and then comes onto her. He kisses her and then tells her to touch him. He undresses her and then goes down on her. She tells him no and talks in her sleep. She awakes to find Brad watching over her and hears her. He tells her that he is going to remind her everyday for the rest of her life what she has done and it is going to be hell!



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