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If Only I Could Shut My Mouth by Kimberly Racquel

If Only I Could Shut My Mouth by Kimberly Racquel

It’s a cold-hearted world, and unfortunately, a traumatic childhood left young Kira feeling as though her existence was collateral damage. Abandoned and betrayed by everyone responsible for her protection, left her no choice but to fight back. Guarded, unforgiving, outspoken, and vowing to never trust anyone with her heart, her mouth became her weapon.

Without realizing that her past would shape her future, Kira grew into a woman who lived her life with an ‘attack first’ mentality, until Mark walks into her life, but will he be able to withstand jaded Kira.

Tired of fighting with the demons from her childhood, Kira seeks solace in the only place where she ever felt safe- her prayers and her journals. After years of struggling to find peace, Kira discovers it was there all the time, IF ONLY SHE COULD SHUT HER MOUTH!


I begged my mother to drop us off at Tricia’s house like she often did when she needed a babysitter.

“Just pick us up tonight when you get done,” I pleaded.

“No.” She was firm. “They want me to bring you down so they can ask you some questions.”

My stomach dropped yet again but this time like I was falling fifty stories down to a cement ground. To say I was freaking out, would put it mildly. I wanted to run and hide. What would they want to ask me? Questions racked my brain. What has my sister told them about me? Why did she do this? Was she serious about her devious threat just days earlier?

The ride to DFACS was like going to my own funeral. Out of frustration, Mama hit the steering wheel when she saw the PAID PARKING ONLY sign. Since we barely had money for the gas it took to get there and surely didn’t have enough to pay for the parking lot, we parked a block away before trekking to the office. Holding Mama’s trembling hand and sensing her fear, I pleaded with her not to make me go. I had an awful feeling that I wouldn’t see her again but she kept gently pulling me along.

Kimberly Racquel is married and raising three sons. She graduated Cum Laude from Central Michigan University and went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Administration.

Although she has quite a few accomplishments under her belt, she freely admits that some days her greatest accomplishment is just keeping her mouth shut.

Kimberly is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, whose passion for writing ignited when her mother gave her a journal as a birthday gift. She then began journaling as a way to speak her mind to vent and say the things she was afraid to say aloud. She says writing helps her cope with life and finds serenity within the sacred bond between her heart and her pen.

Expanding beyond journal entries into dynamic storytelling is how her debut novel “If Only I Could Shut My Mouth” was birthed. Kimberly notes that her book’s title has a deeper meaning which builds the foundation for her movement and mission to inspire others to move past the limiting phrase If Only I Could.

Get to Know The Author Kimberly Racquel:

What inspired you to write the book?

This book was inspired by my journal entries and conversations with other women. I strongly believe in the power of the written word, specifically journaling, scripting, and writing affirmations, and I used all of these to sort through events from my own childhood that had been impairing my communication with others. As a part of the process, I was moved to speak openly about how journaling was helping me sort through different events in my childhood as well as examine my family relationships. Ironically, as I shared my story with others, I discovered I was not alone and almost everyone I spoke to also had events from their childhood that they were still struggling with as adults. I wanted to do something to inspire other people to heal themselves. Writing the book was the perfect way for me to do this, so I blended my journal entries, imagination, and many of those events into a dynamic and fascinating story.

Who is your favorite author and why?

I have quite a few authors who I love and admire, but my favorite author is Teri Woods, who I recently met in person (yes, I’m still giddy). She’s my favorite author because of the way she makes you fall in love with her characters, even with their obvious flaws.

Your book addresses several family dynamics, but what jumped out to me was that you didn’t just explore parental relationships you also explored the familial dynamic of sisters, why is that?

I explored this because there are many sibling relationships that need to be repaired, but often these relationships remain distant, damaged, strained, and unhealthy because of the refusal to discuss openly the deep-rooted issues they experienced in childhood. This book takes a look at the complex relationship between two sisters and their different viewpoints even though they are growing up in the same household.

Do you consider your book Christian fiction since it contains scriptures and Biblical references?

No, not really. I have a strong faith in God, but I wouldn’t paint the book into just that category, it’s very contemporary with an urban fiction twist and a book that everyone can read, relate to, and enjoy, even men.

If you had to pick a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

My theme song would be “Masterpiece” by Jasmine Sullivan, because the entire song is a powerful affirmation. It inspires confidence and self-love.

What is a fun fact about you that people would be surprised to learn?

Ha! I love trap music! And, most people are surprised to learn that. I do admit that the lyrics can make you cringe, but, for the most part, trap music is motivational and gets you energized, and some days that’s what I need to get going.

What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

I have begun writing my second book, but right now I am almost finished with an Affirmation Journal that will debut on my one-year book-a-versary, May 20, 2019, and I’m really excited about it. It was inspired by feedback from my readers who wanted to begin journaling and self-reflection after they read my book.

How to Find The Author and The Book:

Instagram: @kimberlyracquel

Facebook: @kimberlyracquel

Twitter: @kimberlyracquel

Website: www.kimberlyracquel.com

Email address: kimberlyracquelwrites@gmail.com

Purchase Link  (All Books Purchased from website are signed copies):




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