Iggy Azalea Drops “The New Classic”

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“The New Classic” has finally arrived from rapper newbie Iggy Azalea. For some time now we’ve seen and heard a lot about this debut piece, but never a date. On April 22, 2014 that finally all changed. Iggy places her listeners on a journey of who she is and where she’s been. The album is filled with a blend of sounds mixing both pop with hip hop on tracks like “Fancy”. When playing other tracks like “Work”, “Walk The Line”, and “Impossible Nothing” fans can expect to be inspired and motivated to take on any challenge they may be facing with a hard beat knocking under her vocals.



So far receiving mixed reviews from other outlets and lukewarm averages Iggy still has potential to grow in her craft. She exemplifies the growth in where music is heading for this current generation. The lines are all being blurred and mixing multiple blends to create a new craft of self expression. Features from Mavado and Rita Ora can be found on the album where creativity if shown at its best. If your looking for a Nicki Minaj part two I wouldn’t say this is it, but its refreshing to see another woman rapping and grabbing attention. In a few years this album may just be considered a classic given to who is asked, but congrats to Iggy for giving the public her first effort!


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