Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora: New video clip revealed and they are literally “killing it”!

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The Australian rapper Iggy Azalae and the American singer Rita Ora paired up for their new single “Black Widow” and played the femme fatale card.


Their new music video inspired by the famous Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill starts with Rita Ora and her hateful companion, Michael Madsen (Tarantino’s movie actor) being served by Azalea in a diner. The unbearable attitude of Madsen’s character revolts the two girls and leads them to take action. Riding motorcycles and with samurai swords as their only weapon, the two ladies teamed up to kick some ass during the rest of the video.



While Azalea added some red to the tips of her blond  straight hair, Rita traded her curls for a very boxy blond haircut. Dressed alike in sleek unzipped leotards, Azalea and Ora are amazingly sexy and can easily be compared to Uma Thurman from the original Quentin Tarantino movie.

kill bill
Uma Thurman


Here is the video link: http://vevo.ly/3dYKFg

How do you like Azalea and Ora’s new single Black Widow and what are your thoughts about the music video?