Iggy Azalea Running For the #1 Spot

This rap chick Iggy Azalea isn’t playing any games. Her album may have had lukewarm reviews, but it’s apparent that people are paying attention to the up and coming rapper. Looks like Nicki Minaj might just have to watch out. It’s taken some time for Iggy to gain a dedicated audience, but she’s done it. She currently has 2 singles in the top four. The release of “Problem” with pop sensation Ariana Grande is captivating listeners everywhere. Her very own single “Fancy” has been on a steady climb up the charts and has found a cozy spot at #4. Predictions are out and sources are saying she definitely has #1 spot potential.


Her moment is on its way. The debut album “The New Classic” is still preforming well on the charts sitting at the #5 spot. After years of working towards this project Iggy is surely soaking in the joy of hard work. Her track “Work” has also finally entered the charts after it was a digital hit over a year ago. This adds to her gaining new listeners while still maintain her core fans.


Cheers to Iggy for reaching new heights in her career. As always we’ll keel our eyes peeled on all the deets!


Watch Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” ft. Charli XCX Here!

Sebastien "@TheGayBestie" Gaudin

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