The IKEA Frakta is now fashionable, crazy right?

People are making clothes out of IKEA bags, and we are here for it! IKEA is challenging Fashion’s Do-It-Yourself Culture.

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This iconic blue tote bag is known everywhere. Some of us probably have one tucked away in a drawer for our next IKEA outing. After years of using this tote to satisfy our shopping needs, the love for IKEA has reached a new level. Wait until you see how this 100% polypropylene-made bag is having its fashion moment.


Ikea’s Frakta vs. Balenciaga tote

The medium sized shopping bag was featured in the Spring/Summer 2017 Men’s Runway Show.

Uproar soared after Balenciaga’s slightly more expensive (a $2,145 price tag to be exact) version of IKEA’s $0.99 Frakta bag. But, nothing was more memorable than IKEA’s response.  IKEA threw shade at Balenciaga, with an identical ad demonstrating how to spot an original IKEA Frakta bag.


Brands Vetements and Moschino, are well known for recreating this mod trend each season. Fashion enthusiasts are still looking into this IKEA obsession for more creative ways to produce this one of a kind item. Taking to Instagram, designers are showing off their clever Frakta hacks. Fashion brands, such as Chinatown Market and Pleasures, are selling their crafty creations. These Frakta remixes are everything, but 99 cents.


This blue leather tote might symbolize a large corporation, but it also represents a “Do it Yourself” attitude that IKEA stands for. The DIY community pushes themselves to produce products, finding inspiration in this uninspired replica. Opening up a world of possibilities for the Frakta, Instagrammers caught on quickly to this trend. A variety of handmade apparel include do-rags, gas masks, a baseball cap, hip hop trainer, boots, wallets, crop tops, fanny packs and even a thong.

Scrolling through the #ikeabag revealed the endless possibilities. Check out some of the items inspired by the IKEA Frakta bag.

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