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I’m gay; and I believe in Jesus.

I’m gay; and I believe in Jesus.

Why is it that the world condemns someone for one thing, but praises others for something else?  In 2011-2012s football season, Tim Tebow quarter back for the Denver Broncos was shamed and slandered for professing his love and appreciation to God and Christianity through his infamous “Tebowing” during every game. Some people have even gone so far to say “public displays of devotion have no place on the playing field.” But why not?  Isn’t America the home of the free as well as a Christian based country?

On the other hand Jason Collins a former   center for the Boston Celtics has recently confessed his homosexuality and is now on the cover of the magazine Sports Illustrated. During his interview he was asked why he has just decided to come out of the closet and he tells an anecdote of how his friend went to the Gay Pride Parade in 2012 in Boston and he asked him to come with him this year. He described how this made him want to be set apart and express who he truly is.  Then the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred and he thought that he shouldn’t try and wait for the right time to come out because that opportunity isn’t promised to him as described on

All in all it’s a good thing that Jason Collins has accepted who he is but my question to the world is why didn’t he do it when he was still a basketball star and had a greater influence on youth and other athletes? Why did he wait until he wasn’t as in the lime light as before like Tim Tebow did? Comparing the situations Tebow didn’t care what critiques had to say but it seems like Collins did, and now that he has nothing to lose as far as fame and fortune he is using his homosexuality to get some publicity. If you really want to make a difference you should do it while you have the greatest influence on people and now wait.


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