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The Importance of Being #2…. The Voice for Side Chicks Everywhere

The Importance of Being #2…. The Voice for Side Chicks Everywhere

Being-Mary-JaneAfter a week of waiting, episode 6 opens with Mary Jan, Kara and the girls getting down and sexy at one of Atlanta’s hot spot. Feeling some type of way, Mary texts Andre, asking for some late night loving, but he declines; opting for family time instead.

After a night of partying, Kara crashes at Mary’s house. While there, Kara decides to cruise her online dating profile and Mary’s too! Noticing that Mary has a potential lead, Kara decides to play match maker and starts chatting with the online gent. Meanwhile, back at Andre’s house, his wife attempts to “bless” him with some early morning sloppy toppy, but doesn’t quite hit the mark….. you can’t knock her for trying though.

We catch up with Kara and Mary at the office enjoying some girl talk about Kara young love conquest, the intern. Mary suggests he gets “tested” by Mark’s “gay-dar”, basically putting his business on blast. Kara does her best to keep it under wraps, but the cat is out the bag.

Checking in with her family, Mary and her niece have some one on one time, she helps Mary navigate her online dating profile. Mary digs to find out about niece’s relationship with her baby daddy, however, their bonding time is interrupted by her mothers’ scream…. She finds her diamond bracelet is missing.

Later that night, Mary and Andre are in bed chilling when Andre drops a bomb….. he jokes about his wife’s attempt to pleasure him orally. Surprise surprise…Mary thought they were sleeping in different rooms! In an attempt to get back at Andre, Mary lets him know she is dating…. POW! Andre does not like that at all.

Revisiting the diamond heist at her parents’ house, Patrick’s baby mama Tracey is accused of stealing the bracelet. Mary’s mother adamant that Tracey is the thief because of her drug abuse past, she is asked not to return to the house.

Mary decides to go on a date with her online beau thing Sean, played Wayne Brady. However, the date is cut short by Mary’s excessive texting to Mark, in an attempt to smooth over the gay debacle!

If the drama with Mark is not enough, Mary is a featured speaker at the “Ladies that Lunch” gathering and guess who strolls in and sits right next to Miss Mary… Avery, Andre’s wife!  Avery turns up the heat, and discloses that her husband is having an affair with the ladies at the table. Mary is feeling the tension. Avery turns the tables on Mary, and asks her what she would do if her husband was having an affair. In true cat fight fashion, Mary retorts “she would up her sex game”. Avery remains cool as a cucumber, shares she and Andre are in couples counseling and working to save their marriage. Mary gives a touché bitch, by giving a speech about the significance of being #2 and the insufficiencies of being #1.

Back at the parents’ house, Mary’s father asks that Patrick take a drug test. He breaks down and admits he has been using, but he did not take the bracelet.

Getting a deeper look into the relationship with Avery and Andre, we see their interactions in couples counseling. While Andre does profess his love, he admits that his affair with Mary gives him liberation and spontaneity.

We now switch back to Mary’s attempt to find her own love. Sean and Mary go on a second date, however, no cell phones allowed. Mary puts her phone away, and they dive into their past relationship issues and what they both want from a relationship.

The episode winds down with a bomb shell, the diamond bracelet was found, low and behold, Mary’s mother set up the whole thing in an attempt to keep Tracey out of the house. The real bomb is Andre popping up at Mary’s house claiming he is filing for divorce….we will see if this really happens. Stay tuned!


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