#Inappropriate! Father’s Day for Your Mother!

There is one day a year that we as a society set aside to honor fathers, the MALE parents who took part in the reproductive process and decided to stick around for their children’s sake. Still the fathers we know and love, are often overshadowed by the low lives who decided that being a father just was not in their plan. These men are often grouped in with the aforementioned men who did their part. Even more disturbing is that the good men get little to no praise for their efforts. The very day set aside for them is offered to mothers instead–not cool and “in-mothereffing-appropriate!”


Why is this wrong you might ask? It is simple. No woman, no matter how strong she is, can be a man. The role of fatherhood is designated for men, and for anyone to infringe upon that is pure tomfoolery. We often talk about double standards when it comes to men and women, well here is one! On Father’s Day my social media timelines are filled with men and women thanking their mothers for being their “father.” When I look back on Mother’s Day I do not find this egregious anomaly. No one would dare to recognize their father on Mother’s Day. Why? It is simple, applying any feminine attribute to a man is considered wrong, and mothers are valued over fathers. Let us not forget it takes two to tango; and the choice of who your father is–good or bad–rest with your mother if she willingly had unprotected sex with him!


Life has a lot of lanes and you definitely have to know when to stay in yours. Ladies, sorry, but this is one of them. You have your day, and days (Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.); but when it is time for our ONE day step off of it! You get one mother, and one father so both parents are equally as important. Just like you have bad fathers, you also have lackluster mothers. Do not let your bitterness beat the love and admiration out of such a special day to billions of men worldwide. Just be the best parent you can be, the universe asks for nothing more.

Happy Father’s Day GUYS!

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