Ink My Whole Body: The Chaos & Coolness of Ricky Havok!

Some people love art, some people live artistically, while still others are art incarnate. That is what City of Ink tattoo artist, Ricky Havok is–a man who is a walking work of art. Ricky takes the jazz, soul,and beauty of the feminine form and puts it to skin with divine penmanship! Yes, on the grand scale of tattooists in the city of Atlanta he is one of the best. Thus, it is no surprise he makes his home at City of Ink, at The Walker Street location. “I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember…my art is a way of expressing myself, what I value, and what I believe…”



Ricky’s work more than speaks for itself when you check out his Instagram you are mesmerized and in awe of everything that he has created. Interestingly, all of his pieces are originals; spawning from that amazing paintbrush he calls a brain. As talented as he is, he admits that his talent is backed by hard work and studying his craft. “…I decided that this is what I wanted to do with my life, and I felt like i I was going to do it I needed to come correct…I decided to work in a real shop and not be a scratcher…” This man’s skill, and personal tolerance, for pain border on the supernatural. Several of his personal tattoos were done by himself!


As part of my Ink My Whole Body journey where I received a whopping six different tattoos in four weeks Ricky’s piece is by far the biggest. It covered my whole right thigh and its application was virtually painless. Mr. Havok’s attention to detail is impressive. His piece I have aptly dubbed “Spirit Lady” is like a tattoo within a tattoo. It is an homage to the strong and deceased women in my life. “When you told me how spiritual you are and how close you were to your grandmother and aunt I just found this to be fitting…” To see my one of a kind tattoo you will have to snag Kontrol Magazine’s Summer Lust issue.


To get your own Ricky Havok original you can reach him at City of Ink, Walker Street location: (404) 525-4465 and follow him on Instagram @ricky_havok and Twitter @Havok_Art_


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