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Innovative Gift Ideas To Give Out To Your Loved Ones

Innovative Gift Ideas To Give Out To Your Loved Ones

While several occasions call for presents, you can definitely practice the spirit of giving even for no specific reason. More often than not, people head out to the stores or tap on their smartphones to buy that perfect gift. There is really nothing wrong with this, but a present will be made more special if it is crafted with love and personalized. In today’s day and age, the personal touch is somewhat the key thing that is missing in several aspects.

Innovative Gift Ideas  

Thereby, a truly innovative gift idea is to DIY the present you will give out.


Come to think of it, since most DIY presents are handcrafted with glass or paper, you will get to help the environment by reducing the use of plastic materials. The passionate people behind the site TRVST encourage a plastic-free gift giving. This is to promote a conscious effort to consider giving the environment a present too! Nevertheless, to set you free from stressing out and thinking of the perfect gift to give, here are some innovative gift ideas that will surely put a smile on the lips and hearts of your loved ones.

Handmade Piggy Bank

There are several materials that you can use to make up your own piggy bank to be given away as gifts for your loved ones. You can use empty and cleaned mason jars decorated with ribbons, stickers, or pictures. You can even make a paper mache and personalize it with trinkets and decors that will spark the interest of the person you are giving it to such as travel photos or sports charms. There are several platforms online that may provide you with an idea for a great design, along with the instructions on how you can complete it.


Transforming the moments you spent together with your loved one into stills captured in photographs and recorded in a scrapbook is probably the most personalized gift you can give. While scrapbooks have been around for quite some time, you can make it more innovative by using 3D prints that will transform your scrapbook into a pop-up storybook art. You can also incorporate quilts and music to make it more interesting.

Personalized Card

This is one gift that is considered timeless. What is even better is that you can make a personalized card together with the kids in your family. Oftentimes, the art made by children touches a soft spot in the hearts of adults. Apart from this, a personalized card is a great way to put into words things that you cannot directly express face to face such as how you truly appreciate the presence of your loved ones in your life. If you wish, you could make your gift extra special by adding a custom made piece of jewelry or any other personalized gift.

Message in a Bottle

Another quite interesting gift idea is to give your loved one a message stored in a bottle. Clean up an empty bottle and adorn it with ribbons or glitters. Write down a message on a special paper, which you can even spray with your favorite perfume before putting it inside a bottle. You can either seal the bottle with a cork or a plush toy that perfectly fits.

Photo Clock

A photo clock is the perfect way of telling your loved ones that you are thinking of them every minute of the day. In the same manner, this will also be a way for them to remember you at all times. You can use several frames to assemble a photo clock and adorn it with a mix of your pictures, showing your loved one how strong your bond has become over time.


Even if you are a novice in quilting, it should not stop you from giving your loved ones a quilt to cover them during cold nights. There are already several online tutorials that will help you overcome the quilting challenge. You also have the option of transforming your photos into fabric pieces that you can use. Another possibility is to sew significant shirts together such as those that you had when you watched a concert together or enjoyed as a sporting event. For sure, the one you will be giving the present will definitely appreciate your effort.

Innovative Gift Ideas

To wrap things up, giving presents surely warm the heart of both the sender and the receiver because the spirit of giving is bestowed upon them. While it may not really be necessary, presents somehow signify the thoughtfulness of the sender, as well as the importance of the receiver of the present. Thus, it can be deemed that unique and creative gift ideas will truly put a smile on the faces and warm the hearts of your loved ones.




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