Inside Beleza Natural with Zica Assis & Leila Velez

“Put your heart and soul in your business. We can always improve our business and our lives,” said Zica Assis and Leila Velez of Beleza Natural.

Zica Assis e Leila Velez Photos by Rodrigo Castro
Photograph by Rodrigo Castro;
Zica Assis & Leila Velez

A trusted name in Brazil and now in the heart of Harlem, New York this September.

Only steps away from the Apollo Theatre, this location is the first of many opening in the United States. Beleza Natural knows exactly what their clients desire because “We see ourselves in our client; we had the same dream about our hair and came from the same poor communities”. With a close connection to their clientele, they are aware of the problems that their clients face. Whether it’s struggling with their own hair and low self-esteem – and the issues this can cause in personal and professional life.


We are prepared to receive anyone who has kinky and curly hair and wants to be happy with their hair, with a red carpet,” said Zica Assis and Leila Velez.


At Beleza Natural, every service is divided into different stages each one performed by a specialist.

“That gives us the chance of having a productive team, faster to train and with a higher level of quality, based on how well they master each phase of the client experience and technical expertise,” said Zica Assis and Leila Velez. Thus allowing clients to feel a sense of confidence that each level of service is guaranteed. As well as building a loyal relationship with the brand and not necessarily with the specific individuals.

“This also allows us to have more of a democratic and inclusive price level. Since we have these processes implemented and a great number of clients, we can afford to buy them,” said Zica Assis and Leila Velez.


Beleza Natural offers a detailed list of quality standards that would describe the technical skills of the team.

With consideration of the customer experience. Such as air temperature, the level of cleanliness, the warmth of service, music variety, quality control, environmentally conscious etc. Although Beleza Natural focuses on wavy, curly, and kinky hair, all textures are welcomed. Along with offering a deep conditioning, haircuts with 30 exclusive cuts, eyebrow designs, blowout and makeup services. The first consultation takes approximately 15 minutes, giving the professionals time to understand the history of the client’s hair. They then proceed to recommend the best solutions in services and products offered by the Institute.

“Although we are specialized in kinky hair, it is important to have deep knowledge about our American client. We are a company that encourages word of mouth in this way. And social media is a great ally.”

The versatility of treatments for kinky and curly hair increases customer doubts. Yet, social networks have become a leading platform of knowledge that clients can use to better take care of their hair. “Our Brazilian fan page on Facebook has over eight hundred thousand fans that interact all the time. They understand the services and products deeply,” said Zica Assis and Leila Velez. With their integration of social media and clientele, Beleza Natural is able to grow in production and customer feedback.


With opportunities for growth within Beleza Natural, they have decided to open their first United States salon in New York.

Analyzing a large number of international markets, comparing potential clients, and their purchasing power, New York came to be the best choice. “New York is also the capital of the world. Why not begin here?,” said Zica Assis and Leila Velez. With their grand opening right around the corner, you can expect to find a beauty institute that is much more than a hair salon. “[But, moreso] a self-esteem Institute, with beautiful structure, wonderful service, affordable prices and amazing products and services,” said Zica Assis and Leila Velez. Each client treated with exclusivity, Beleza Natural shares knowledge about how to love and take care of curly or kinky hair. A real community of people that use beauty as a tool to change people’s lives for the better. In an environment created to offer a unique experience, clients are able to find exclusive services and products.

“We changed all of our units so that on each stage of the circuit, there is a different experience for the client: internet kiosks and one of our specialists lecturing about a service or how to take care of your hair at home,” said Zica Assis and Leila Velez. Guests will find an exclusive room for kids, in which their chair is a throne. Even a styling session that looks like a changing room that features a catwalk with a red carpet and full body mirrors. The most important thing for a woman is feeling free and confident, “Where the guests will feel like stars”.

A growing company is an ever changing challenge. Every day is a new beginning. I believe that it requires a lot of resilience, persistence, and love. My “secret weapon” is my team.


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