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Inside The New Sexy Cover with Juliana Richards

Inside The New Sexy Cover with Juliana Richards

“My business was born out of a necessity,” Juliana Richards.

Juliana Richards Covers Kontrol Magazine for The New Sexy Cover

Juliana Richards mother, wife, and entrepreneur. A real-life success story, coming from humble beginnings. Surrounded by big dreams, Juliana came to the United States with clothes and a pair of shoes to pursue the American dream. Following her dreams, she pursued her vision. As a college student, she built a niche for herself in the shape wear industry. Her upbringing in Nigeria and mother’s independent entrepreneurship nature, instilled in her that anything was possible to achieve. Even if it wasn’t in your field, you can learn how to do it. Thus, at no time limiting herself to everything she aspired to do.

Photographer: Blair Devereaux

“Do not ever limit yourself with what you want to do. But pursue it. If you have a dream, you don’t necessarily have to share it. Some people are dream killers. I’ve learned from time to cut people out, that [don’t necessarily] helps you grow as far as your dreams.”


Juliana’s vision to enter the intimate apparel market started with her grounded love for motherhood. At the time she had a c-section with her son. “Somehow it seems like whenever you have a child through C-section, it’s harder for you to heal and get your snap back,” said Juliana Richards. In some cultures, the elder women in the community would wrap the woman’s stomach every morning after the birth. For years, women have worn girdles, corsets, and other slimming undergarments. More so to help shape and smooth the waistline and one’s figure. “Anytime you have a tummy tuck or c-section, your doctor would suggest you use body shapewear. The new phase and demand [of body shapewear] are needed for people [following] surgery. That was always the case anyway.”


With a higher desire calling for her, Juliana decided to start her own business.


In the search for a genuine body shaper, Juliana created one of the most profitable women’s wear line, Slim Girl Shapewear. Using her college student loans to fund her first launch. Her business became nationally known. A go-to company for all waist shaper needs. Unlike her competitors, Juliana’s clinchers guarantee high quality and long-lasting products. Created with built-in springs and latex, these body shapers are flexible. Shaping your waist but allowing you to still sweat. “You will always need body shapewear. [Before shapewear] I always kind of had a knowing about girdles. [And I even] tried some for myself.”

Photographer: Blair Devereaux

“Everyone owns a couple of body shapers,” said Juliana Richards. Slim Girl Shapewear is a global brand. With corporate headquarters in Atlanta and Nigeria; operating in both the United States and Europe. Including three new locations in Nigeria. 1800cinchers and Slim Girl Shapewear is on media outlets including Rolling Out, Examiner, Atlanta Black Star, The Wendy Williams Show, The Real, OK! Magazine, Health Magazine, New York Magazine, Vegan Life, Body Magazine and much more. The shapewear business is booming, shifting the dynamic of the industry. “There is a reason [body shapewear and cinchers] caught on. It’s a no brainer. Body shapewear will always be a must.”


“It is the beginning,” said Juliana Richards.



Photographer: Blair Devereaux, Stylist & Creative Director Julian R. Lark, Makeup by Anthony Prather, and Hair by Leatha Morgan.
Written by: Courtney Wilkins

Read more of what Juliana Richards had to say in The New Sexy Cover on stands at your local Barnes and Nobles.


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