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Inspired with 10 yrs of Aspire

Inspired with 10 yrs of Aspire

Aspire Magic Johnson
source Cleveland.com

Aspire Inspired

The African American community is always in search of wholesome shows that highlight the day to day lifestyle of our culture. Although there are programs that may depict our culture in that manor, there is little to none that captures the essence of our professionalism and lifestyle without misappropriating our community as a whole. If you want something done, its best to do it yourself. We believe that kind of thinking orchestrated the mental direction of Magic Johnson  to create his network empire AspireTV. His target is focusing on black and urban America. Magic aims to promote positive entertainment that celebrates black culture lifestyles of creatives, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. Aspire has already made its way to over 32million households and is steadily on the rise.

Aspire celebrates 10yrs in business

On July 1st Aspire celebrated their 10yr anniversary since the birth of their network. The AspireTv network can be watched via Roku and KlowdTV with additional platforms soon to come. The network covers every aspect of  life from original tv series, movies, daily lifestyle entertainment, culinary experiences, and many more. The network uses six key components to cover the content available on the platform. Eat well which covers the culinary excellence of palatable experiences from some of the best African American chefs available. Live your best life while discussing different experiences surrounding anything from family, love, and beauty. Play Hard is a category which covers some of  HBCUs best experiences as it pertains to information about alumni, in campus events, and sports such as basketball, football, and much more. For those looking to support black businesses, Aspire has created a shop with a purpose category which helps promote the African American businesses on the rise. The last available topic is dream big, which gives the some great urban short films created by some of the best up and coming filmmakers around.

Aspire chef
Instagram @chefgarvin

Good Eats for Aspire

Aspire held its 10yr anniversary celebration at a southern cuisine restaurant called Low Country Steak featuring the culinary excellence of one of AspireTv’s own, Chef Garvin. Low Country Steak is nestled in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, and generates a bright welcoming environment full of color and pleasing aesthetics throughout its establishment complimented with an array of food selections that are sure to satisfy your palate. Chef Garvin is one of the main features on the Aspire Network with a show called Garvin Live. In his program, he shares in the delight of preparing his delectable food selections with everyday ingredients you can find in your home. Chef Garvin shared with us his desire to create a great show with no breaks or edits, all while making the experience authentic, fun, and extremely delicious. Garvin expressed the importance of having a show that accurately represents the black culture and helps create an avenue for more African American creatives to partake in.

Feel at home with Aspire

Aspire TV
Source AJC

Aspire has managed to generate a place where the African American community can truly be heard and even make a difference in the lives of its audience. Having a vision and ensuring that it comes to pass is definitely something worth celebrating.  We have only touched on a small layer of all of the wonderful content Magic Johnson and his team has opened the door to establish for all of the entrepreneurs and creatives throughout the urban world. Kontrol Magazine was definitely honored in partaking in a celebration that will in time change the course of history. The path has been set and we are extremely excited to see what AspireTV and the African American culture can build upon next.


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