Introducing Clinique’s New Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, $29

Dry, dehydrated skin is a daily problem that a lot of people have to deal with. Especially in the Summertime when your skin not only needs to be hydrated but also protected. Fortunately, Clinique has provided a great solution to these issues in their new Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly.

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is 100% transparent lightweight, oil-free water-jelly that hydrates, repairs skin’s moisture barrier, and protects your skin from pollution daily thanks to its Clean-Shield Technology.

Made from a blend of blend of Sunflower Seed Cake, Barley Extract, and Cucumber Fruit Extract, this product helps rebuild skin’s moisture barrier; making it stronger and more resilient to external aggressors. The idea is that it not only hydrates but also locks in moisture while filtering out pollution; giving your skin a healthy and clean glow.  Fast-absorbing and non-sticky, this hydrating jelly which works well alone or under makeup.

If you use other moisturizers and hydrants you’ll notice that most of them come in the form of creams (usually thick) or oils (usually greasy). The consequences of using these products are that you usually have to rub them in or wait until they dry before you can venture out into the world. However, Clinique has made their formula so easy to apply that it absorbs immediately once it makes contact with your skin.


Daily usage of this jelly will improve the condition of your skin while making it less vulnerable to damage.  The best part is that after you apply it, you’ll forget that it’s even there. And will continue to enjoy your life without worrying about dehydrated skin. This is not just a great product for the Summer but a possible staple for year-round moisture.

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly will be available online and at all Clinique retailers in August 2018

Martel Sharpe

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