HUGO BOSS – The Scent! by: The Billion Brand


This is just a quick throwback find, but timeless in nature and concept! A cologne that will have you smelling as good as you look! Always good to adopt new scents! This is definitely not just a smell but a way of life because everything has a scent that represents or gives off (hora) something, so why not smell like a boss? – exactly, no brainier!

In a world where we are filled with ideas but still working for others visions sometimes we need to have a daily reminder of what we aspire to do and be! This scent is not just for others who happen to catch a wind as you walk by, but reassurance for you that you are somebody of quality and excellence and gives reassurance that all that come in contact with you will also have no choice but to recognize!

Let’s not forget to mention just how gorgeous Theo James (The Divergent Series) looks in this ad and video! He is definitely Celebrity Crush worthy! With Father’s Day right around the corner this is the perfect gift for the special man in your life! We just bought our bottle and its intoxicating!

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The Billion Brand

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