Is Concealer Still Only for Women?

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Most men agree that it’s unusually for males to wear makeup. Makeup is only for women, right? Unless you’re an actor or a clown there’s pretty much a general conscious that if you’re a man you should be sporting a fresh face. Other exceptions include models, punk rockers, cosplayer, and Prince. However, what about concealer, where does this product fit in?
Men have come a long way in their thoughts on health and beauty. They’re now realizing that some of the things that women have been doing for decades aren’t just things that women do. Hair care, skin care, and grooming are all essential to both sexes. Long gone are the days when men turned a blind eye to moisturizers and facial cleansers. Unfortunately, the word “cosmetics” still sits uneasily with men. Most men don’t want to feel like they’re getting too close to the isle where the lipsticks and eyeshadow are located.

Unlike eyeliner or mascara, whose purposes are decorative, concealer is more of a “cosmetic camouflage”. It hides things on your skin that you don’t want the world to see like scars, blemishes, acne, razor nicks and some skin conditions. You can even use concealer to cover up that tattoo that’s preventing you from getting your dream job.

It’s also very easy for men to use, simply choose the shade for your skin tone. Apply according to directions or a YouTube video. If you’re trying to hide dark circles or pigmentation issues, select a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.

Unfortunately, most concealer products are held captive behind cosmetic counters which are frequented by women. Sephora sells great products for men and women, but you’ll rarely see men there since it’s still cosmetics central. The store also has great colognes, but that’s a story for another time.

T23E LIGHT OS ATom Ford makes the perfect concealer for men, and the best part is that men can order it online. The brand offers a simple concealer stick that comes in three shades. Other honorable mentions for men’s concealer include NuBo, Lab Series, Erborian, and Marc Jacobs.

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