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Is embroidery clothing still in style?

Is embroidery clothing still in style?

Embroidery has left its mark in history. The earliest samples were found in China and date back between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC. This historical craft that involves a needle to apply yarn and thread to fabric has been used on clothing in innumerable designs and color combinations. Its allure is such, that it can be found in a wide variety of objects.

embroidery clothing

Nowadays you can find embroidery in items as varied as tablecloths delicately ornamented, colorful throw pillows, hats, sneakers, intricate necklaces, or on the backs of leather jackets. No doubt about it, embroidery never seems to go out of style. However, the most important change is that while before all embroidery was done by hand, now most embroidery is done by a machine.

Today’s Trends in Hand Embroidery

If you love to embroider by hand, this year you will find that the craft has turned to using materials that go beyond the traditional embroidery hoop. Some modern embroidery designs include potted plants with some vines extending beyond the circle, or a young girl riding a bicycle while her hair flows out of the center.

As far as embroidery themes that never seem to go out of style, scenes of nature are always favorites. These may include bees, butterflies, birds, and flowers. Embroidery on handbags might include quotes, either phrases of love or quotes from literary masterpieces, turning them into gifts that the recipient will always treasure.

Today’s embroidery leaves behind grandma’s tablecloth and napkin collection and moves in new directions that are not constrained to cross stitches or a hoop. Modern embroidery means:

  • Hip typography
  • Colorful geometric patterns
  • A variety of fashion accessories

Plus, you can do embroidery on any type of material from notebooks to decorative baskets.

Curious about embroidery?

If embroidery has caught your attention but you have never done it before, don’t worry. It is not as hard as you think. As with any new skill, a little bit of practice will make all the difference. Also, embroidery is a fun, relaxing way to spend an evening after a stressful day at work.

This is a list of materials you will need to get started:

Hoop – A ring made up of two parts in which you insert the fabric that you will be working on. This keeps it taut, making it easier on your stitches.

Scissors – Use ones that are comfortable but sharp.

The fabric of your choice – Cotton, canvas, linen, or any other fabric that is not too loosely woven.

Embroidery floss and needles – It comes in plenty of colors while the needles’ eyes should be larger than normal to accommodate the floss.

A water-soluble marker to draw your design on the fabric.

You can be brave and draw your own design or download one online. Start with easy stitches or take a tutorial to get expert advice.

Designing Your Own Embroidery Projects

If you are not an expert at the art of embroidery but are set on a unique and original piece of clothing that will sport your design, printful.com recommends you do an online search for online embroidery services that will bring your design to life. And if you want to give a perfect gift, printful.com suggests an embroidered t-shirt, hat, or a pair of socks that will surely make someone happy.


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