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Is Live Entertainment Worth It?

Is Live Entertainment Worth It?

Live entertainment can make or break a party, with good musicians making your event the only thing anyone wants to talk about for months to come.  If you don’t get good entertainment or any entertainment at all, you can put on a Spotify playlist and save a little money: but is saving that money worth it?

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Here are the top things to consider when trying to figure out if it’s worth hiring a performer for your get-together.

How Many People Are There?

How many guests do you have coming to the event?  If it’s less than fifty, it’s time to consider if it’s worth hiring entertainment.  A single singer in a group of ten people can be awkward because it almost guarantees direct eye contact at all times.  If you can, try to balance out how many guests you have, to at least fifty to one for singers or fifteen to one for magic or acrobatic performers.  Think about the guest-to-performer average and whether it would make for an exciting show.

What Type of Crowd Is It?

Who’s attending your event?  Is it many older people attending a funeral of a friend, or is it a ton of early twenty-year-olds celebrating a birthday?  The typical rule is to avoid live performers at a funeral or memorial unless they play instruments only or sing the favorite songs of the person who passed.

More joyful gatherings have a more prominent call for live entertainment.  It’s okay to switch it up from party to party, but don’t try to stray too far from the norm if you know your crowd would appreciate a more classic approach.

What’s Your Budget?

How much money do you have that can be devoted to booked talent?  If you have the time, you should window shop around to see what prices the entertainment you’re interested in will be listed.  If you’re not sure if you can afford it yet, consider pushing off the party or crowdfunding to try and hire someone who can do your party justice!

How Long Is The Party?

The length of your party matters a lot.  If it’s too short, you might not get your money’s worth if you hire entertainment, but if it’s too long and you only have one performer, they might not be able to do their best work.  Find a happy middle point where the performer can do what you need of them while also shining in the time they have.  For a long party, consider hiring many performers who can pop in and do segments before leaving.

What Type of Party Is It?

Even if your party is only half an hour-long, with three older adults at it, and your budget is less than five hundred dollars: if it’s celebrating something huge, then entertainment is worth it.  The most significant life changes we go through deserve to be observed when they’re good.  Celebrating these moments lets us remember how great they felt when times aren’t so great.

It’s okay to let yourself have fun.



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