It Takes Two: Fashion Forward Couples To Watch Out For In 2018

Stylish celebs come dime a dozen in Hollywood. However trendy couples, not so much. Everyone knows two best-dressed celebs are better than one. These power couples know how to work together with style, whether it’s casual and cool, or getting dressed in they’re finest for a red carpet event. More importantly, both counterparts can equally slay whether together or apart.

From Posh and Becks to Kim & Ye, here are the top 5 fashion-forward celeb couples to watch out for in 2018.

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Kim & Kanye

We already know Kanye is one of the most stylish celebrities, and so is his wife Kim K. So are we really surprised to see them on the list for best dressed? Really?

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Bey & Jay

Remember balance is key. Jay isn’t the most fashion-forward type of guy. However when it comes to style it’s more than just labels, it’s the overall swag. Beyonce has been flashier than ever especially on IG, The queen has been posting non stop her personal style which is the epitome of sexy, and after giving birth to twins, Bey hasn’t skipped a beat, giving fans straight body for 2018.

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Victoria & David Beckham

Possibly the most infamous long-running couple for best dressed definitely goes to Posh and Beck. Making Hollywood’s best-dressed list since the start of their relationship over two decades ago. This couple is the epitome of fashion-forward trendsetting.

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Helen Lasichanh & Pharrell Williams

Having regularly topped Best Dressed lists for years, it’s no surprise that Pharrell’s other half, model/designer Helen Lasichanh can more than hold her sartorial own, as well. This low-key couple is definitely one to watch this year.

Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson

Solange has one of the best personal styles on this list. From her eccentric patterns to just the way she swags in all her duds, Solange is definitely a style icon all in her own lane. Add her hubby Alan Ferguson, Music Video Director, mixed style of nothing but the finest suits to the mix this stylish couple shows a unique balance of artistic simplicity that evades all over the fashion scene.

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