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Jada Pinkett Smith Goes In On The Golden Globes

Jada Pinkett Smith Goes In On The Golden Globes

Jada Pinkett and Tiffany Haddish (photos by Jon Kopaloff/Valerie Brooks)

Feel Some Type of Way

Our home-girl Jada Pinkett Smith has been known to Set It Off, and this week she did just that.  On Monday afternoon she posted a cryptic tweet that suggests that she was in her feelings about the fact that Tiffany Hadish was not nominated for a Golden Globe.

As you can see, Jada is skilled in the good old fashioned art of signifying.  Also known as, “I’m NOT saying…But I’m saying.”

Tiffany and Jada co-starred in Girls Trip, one of the top grossing films of 2017 and THE top grossing comedy of the year.  Since receiving wide acclaim for her performance in the film, and because of its success, Tiffany has entered the echelon of A-List talent.   Her rise to the top is evidenced by the fact that she was invited to host Saturday Night Live, the A-List right of passage for comedians, actors, and musicians.  Tiffany made history as the first Black woman to host SNL in 43 seasons.

Tiffany Haddish on SNL

Set It Off

Despite her breakout performance and the overall success of Girls Trip, The Hollywood Foreign Press snubbed Haddish.   On Monday Jada was initially content to digitally side eye and signify, but on Tuesday she must have woken up on the side of the bed that said, “Nah sis…SET IT OFF!”

Jada Pinkett in Set It Off

That Escalated Quickly


Jada took to twitter at about 1:30 in the p.m. and it went a lil something like this:

Adding Insult To Injury


I’m no mind reader, but my gut tells me that this is what really got under Jada’s skin.

So, you mean to tell me Tiffany isn’t invited to take a seat at the table, but ya’ll asked her to come and serve the table (hand out trophies to er’body else) ?!?!?  This might be where the train jumped off the track.




In her tweets Jada explains that her issue is not just with Haddish not being nominated, but with the antiquated system used to select nominees.  She points out that it’s this same outdated system that creates an environment where Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed Horror film “Get Out” could be categorized as a comedy.

Sooooooooo…..ya’ll watched a film about Black people being kidnapped, tortured, and forcibly subjected to brain surgery to steal their consciousness, and you thought it was funny?



Jada’s tweets highlight how far we still have to go before we reach a level of meaningful inclusion and diversity.  She set it off for her sister and simultaneously showed love to Mary J. Blige who is nominated for her performance in Mudbound.  Kudos to Jada for using her voice and her platform to speak up and hopefully inspire change.


Written by Nicci Page (Wtiter | Lawyer | Speaker| Creative)

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