Japanese Menswear X American Streetwear WINWEL Unveils S/S16 Collection

Ever wanted to try something new from another cultures perspective? I’m talking clothing and style guys. Have you ever looked in international magazines to see what the hottest trends were over sees or in another country? I mean America has such an influence on other countries when it comes to politics, business etc. But as far as WINWEL-0004-Cover-04fashion goes its fair game amongst other fashion capitals from Paris to London, to Tokyo and Africa. There’s so much of a difference that we all cant help but be influenced by each other when it comes to fashion collections and styling, well to sum up all this culture x fashion and style talk, New York retailor WINWEL has just WINWEL-0004-Cover-05unveiled a collection that fuses Japanese menswear styling and designs with American street wear. New York’s WINWEL presents it’s S/S 2016 collection “Deprogramming”. Fusing Japanese menswear influences like fine wool, Boucle and cotton/ poly grosgrain fabrics with American street wear styling from beanies to graphic tees and hoods, the brand’s clothing are all made in North WINWEL-0004-Cover-01America, with cut-n-sew pieces crafted locally in New York’s design district. A few pieces of the collection includes fine patterned top coats and inverted Canadian fleece hoodies adorned with felt lettering, with relaxed drawstring trousers crafted from Japanese cotton-poly grosgrain adding a nice modern touch to the collection. This collection is available now in all WINWEL shops and online. Check out this dope brand and don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in men’s fashion and trends guys. Got to blast! – EffYeahMark


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