Jay-Z Elevator Assault (Extended Version)

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Earlier today TMZ broke news with video footage of Solange Knowles in an elevator with her sister, Beyonce and brother-in-law Jay-Z. The elevator surveillance footage shows Solange livid with Jay as soon as she steps onto the elevator. Not only is she seemingly reading him his life, but she gets physical. Despite being restrained by security, Solange manages to make contact with Jay with her hands and feet. During the entire altercation Beyonce stands by her man, doing absolutely nothing! Apparently she was trying to preserve the Holy Grail, which is her. Your Baby Mama isn’t harder then Solange, Jay!


In response to her baby sisters assault on her hubby, King Bey posted a photo of a daily devotional prayer on Instagram. In the extended version of the video, Jay-Z is seen aggressively trying to usher Solange out of the elevator, and Solange isn’t here for it! Finally, Bey steps up and is clearly telling Jay to keep it moving. But what triggered this?! I don’t know about anyone else but I’m love Solange a whole lot more!


Written by: Danielle. Elaine.

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