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Q & A w/ Actress & “Free Rein” Star Jaylen Barron!

Q & A w/ Actress & “Free Rein” Star Jaylen Barron!

jaylen barronNetflix’s Free Rein is a certified hit! The series is now set for the debut of its third season and we have one of its stars, Jaylen Barron! Check out our amazing Q & A with her below!

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jaylen barron

  1. From starring in recurring roles in fan favorites like Shameless, Good Luck Charlie and See Dad Run including your highly anticipated Netflix series Free Rein, where did the passion of acting all begin for you? 

As far as I can remember! My mom says when I was three, I watched Barney and Blues Clues and I told her I wanted to do that inside the TV! My first job was modeling for JUSTICE, a girls clothing brand. The transition wasn’t too hard since I used modeling as a step to get my foot in the door.

  1. What was your initial reaction for winning two Daytime Emmys for outstanding children’s series? And also, been nominated for NAACP Awards?

Honestly, it was mind blowing. I could never have imagined winning two Emmys. I am truly blessed and to be nominated for an NAACP awards is truly an honor.

  1. In all your roles you played which character do you relate more to and why?

That is a tough question. I relate to all the characters I have played in some way. It’s the reason I am able to give a great performance and have fun while doing it. That is like asking a mother if she has a favorite child. You can’t just pick one.

  1. Before starring in Free Rein were you a fan of horses and did you have a lot of horseback riding lessons to be lead?

No, I wasn’t a fan at all, I didn’t even know how to ride a horse. It wasn’t until I finished auditioning and got the role that I learned how to ride. Working with these animals every day you learn to see the magic and beauty in them. I really do have a new-found appreciation for horses.

  1. When filming Free Rein season 3, you quickly left to begin shooting for four months in the UK was it hard to keep it a secret from your fans. Any secrets you can share now..?

Unfortunately, there is nothing I’m able to give away. You will just have to watch the season and find out. I promise you won’t regret it.

  1. What was a memorable moment filming Free Rein season three?

That is another hard question. I’m working in Wales with an amazing cast. I feel like every moment is my favorite moment.

  1. How does it feel being a role model for many young girls? Has there been a pivotal moment when you realized you are a role model for others?

I’ve been a young girl looking up to older women before. I know how important that is, and the effect that role models can have on the ones looking up to them. For me now to be in that position is really amazing. I try my best to be somebody that younger girls can model themselves after.

  1. What is some advice you would give any girl who wants to work in the entertainment industry or be an entrepreneur?

If it’s yours, you will get it- whatever “it” is to you. For me, it’s a role and I look at it as- I do my best, make it hard for them to say no to me and if it’s for me. I will get it.

  1. Any upcoming projects that you could let us know, to look forward too?

I’m currently working on a couple of animated projects and thank you for your interest in me. Please make sure to follow me on Instagram @Jaylenbarron Twitter @JaylenjBarron and if you follow my YouTube channel @jaylenbarronn you can watch my makeup tutorials!

jaylen barron


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