Is Jelena off? Justin Bieber on a New Girl while Selena Shows Off Her “Girls”

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Written by Tiara Shae

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It seemed that just last month, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were back together and ready to make things work! They were spotted going on romantic date nights and seen hanging with family at an L.A zoo. Now photos have been seen on the web of Justin Bieber being held on to quite tightly by a beauty that is not Selena!

Pictures have surfaced of Justin Bieber being cuddled up with model Yovanna Ventura. Justin posted some steamy photos through his Shots account and has everyone wondering what the deal is? Yovanna also posted a picture through her account and captions “Sweetest guy ever @justinbieber”. The caption is very vague but the picture shows that there may be something romantic going on between the two.

Maybe Selena and Justin are (or were)  just ‘dating’ and things are still up in the air. Possibly they are ‘just friends’. We have to remember that young love can be very fickle and messy. Hopefully Gomez and Bieber weren’t “officially” a couple or else this could get very messy! You know Bieber likes to stir up some trouble whenever he can.

Although Justin Bieber is obviously on to other things, Selena seems to be unbothered by the released photos of Justin on a new beau. She was just spotted out in about in New York wearing a cute sheer top, just as “perky” as can be. Peep the photos below.

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What do you think is going on between Yovanna and Justin (and possibly Selena?)

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