Jennifer Lopez Stars in New ‘Shades of Blue’ Drama Series; How to Spot a Shady Person

Jennifer Lopez was recently cast to star in a new NBC drama series called Shades of Blue

She’ll play Harlee McCord, a shady detective and single mother who becomes conflicted in her personal and professional decisions while working undercover for the FBI’s anti-corruption task force. Adi Hasak will pen the hour-long, 13-week police series, while Lopez and her American Idol partner Ryan Seacrest executive produce it.

Jenny’s been quite busy judging American Idol and prepping her 10th studio album, but filming for this new venture – a familiar one for the singer/producer/actress – doesn’t kick off until 2015.

Sometimes it’s hard to makes decisions when professional matters start blending with personal. Especially when your first instinct is to get ahead and protect you and yours, like the main character in Shades of Blue. So with all this talk of “shade,” how can you spot and avoid a shady person on the job?

Look out for these:

The way you relay your messages, whether it be good or bad news, can be reciprocated differently amongst the crowds, depending on how you say it. It’s all in the attitude. Before you assume shade, consider how you were addressed.

Kudos followed by a “but” sort of slight the credit. Though, this one’s subjective. You should definitely welcome constructive criticism; just be aware of snarky remarks and gloating if it’s presented in the same breath.

Irrelevant questions
Telling too much of your business can often be used against you. Be careful with who you share personal information with to avoid someone hanging it over your head in the workplace. Perfect your weaknesses before they become someone else’s strengths.

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