Jeremih Reveals His Bedroom Playlist

Girl you know I-I-I…

R&B singer Jeremih emerged onto the scene with the 2009 release of “Birthday Sex.” Not only did he score favorably well with critics for the song, but he also knocked out Jaime Foxx’s hit “Blame It” out of the number one slot on Billboard; Foxx’s collaboration with T-Pain lasted 12 weeks at number one.

The song generated remixes that included Brooke Hogan, Teiara Mari, R. Kelly and more. Featured on Fabolous’ “Thim Slick,” Jeremih’s music catalogue is an array of sexy songs.

What makes his songs interesting isn’t so much his vocals, but the arrangement. His voice accompanies his choices well.

According to GQ, not only does he have “Jeremih’s Late Nights: The Album” coming out later in April but he unveiled his top songs for the bedroom.

His choices included songs from R. Kelly, Ne-Yo, Ty Dolla $ign and more:

Kelly, “Ghetto Queen”

“Man, ‘Ghetto Queen’ is just a classic bedroom song from when I was in high school. More specifically, there’s one part in that record that always turned me up, when Kellz goes, ‘Whose is this, whose is this,’ and they put that [hand-slapping] sound over the beat. There’s no way that this couldn’t have made it on my list.”


Future, “Fuck Up Some Commas”

“You can’t just be turned down be the whole time; ladies like rhythmic records. With ‘Commas,’ you have no choice but to keep up. At that moment, there should be sweat, you know what I’m saying? You should be on what I like to call ‘autopilot’ or ‘cruise control.’ That’s when you ain’t worried about nothing. You’re in drill mode.”


504 Boys, “I Can Tell”

“‘I Can Tell’ is the ultimate classic song that goes on when a club’s about to close. It’s been out since 2000, and it’s never gone away. This comes after drill mode, after you’re in autopilot. It’s the intermission song.”


Ty Dolla $ign, “4 A Young”

“I’ve probably played this a hundred thousand times. It was a new sound coming from Ty Dolla $ign; we’re used to his uptempo, more club-driven records, but when he slowed it down on this one, it somehow still felt uptempo. I definitely got a lot of body to that song, so shoutout to Ty Dolla $ign.”


Ne-Yo, “Mirror”

“‘Mirror’ made me an immediate fan of Ne-Yo and, to this day, it’s probably my favorite song of his. Once again, this is also from my high school days, but it still has the same affect on ladies today. Most ladies turn up when they hear ‘Mirror.’ They know what I’m talking about.”

Others included Ginuwine, Jeremih himself and more. Check out the complete list here. In the meantime, have a good-ol #TBT moment below:

His latest single “Planes” which features J. Cole is already on iTunes to download.

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