Jagged Edge Banned From Jermaine Dupri’s Birthday Party

Gold Room…What U Tryna Do?

 Jermaine Dupri attempted to celebrate his birthday at the Gold Room  in upscale style.  Things took a turn for the worst when his old running partners, the  twins from Jagged Edge, wouldn’t adhere to the strict dress code.

Gold Room host Kenny Burns tells TMZ … the R&B group showed up under-dressed — hoodies and caps — for the exclusive event. Owner Alex Gidewon tried to compromise — since it was Jermaine’s party … agreeing to let the guys in IF they lost the hats.

We’re told when Jagged Edge refused, they got the boot — which pissed off Jermaine BIG time … and the guys started cussing out security. Eventually they all got the heave ho.

JD tells us he and his crew, including Jagged Edge, were in the club for 35 minutes — without any problems — before management ever complained. He feels the club was very disrespectful.

The club seems willing to forgive and forget with Jermaine … but we’re told Jagged Edge has been banned from the Gold Room.

jermaine and jagged edge

It appears Jermaine was the only one really suited and booted.  Nonetheless, no hats in the building is a pretty standard policy.  Going against the grain has cost them no further invites to the Gold Room.   Didn’t Jagged Edge tell everyone they couldn’t take another heartbreak?




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