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Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer,

Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer,

Popularly known as ‘people’s princess,’ princess Diana has bestowed a jewelry collection, very few people in the world have. Her sense of style, attitude towards people reflected a lot through the jewelry she wore. Her impeccable taste in different kinds of jewelry could also be seen adorned by royal family members now and then.

Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer

There is no denying how much she loved jewelry, given how often she showcased her statement pieces. From the famous Spencer tiara to her sapphire engagement ring, she had defined an era of jewelry collection. Over the years, many design houses and designers have felt inspired and created similar-looking jewelry pieces. Moreover, some lesser-known but stunning jewelry out there has the same ethos as the jewelry of royal princess Diana Spencer.


Below are a few such jewelry pieces that we have shortlisted which are inspired by the collection of Princess Diana. Have a look.     


  1. Pendant Necklace


Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer

We all know how beautiful the Princess of Wales, Diana, was and how she had the most exquisite and priceless collection of jewels. One of her most popular jewelry pieces was the diamond-studded single strand with a at the center. You can create a similar adornment without digging too deep into your pockets! The beautiful and rare Tanzanite pendants are made from a transformational jewel with a pleochroic nature that allows the colors to shift from deep blue to violet and burgundy under the light. Tanzanite also resembles the blue Sapphire and is a thousand times rarer than a diamond. Those who want to remain centered in life or are in search of spiritual wisdom can wear the gemstone daily. It works on balancing the wearer’s root, and heart chakras open their hearts to open communication and manage their inner feelings and emotions. You can style the pendant necklace with a matching pair of solitaire studs to complete the look. 


  1. Round Halo Studs 

Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer

Undoubtedly, the late Princess Diana had an impeccable taste in earrings, enabled with mega-sized gemstones and pearls. From her infamous dual-blue stone Sapphire earrings, huge pearl studs, you can create a similar round halo look with your choice of gemstones. The deep, matte black Shungite earrings will look ethereal and contrast well with every outfit in your wardrobe. Women can also style these dainty pairs, made from an exquisite piece of gemstone, on a daily basis, and benefit from it in numerous ways because of its natural healing properties. Shungite is made from a crystallized form of carbon, called fullerenes, that can provide robust protection against harmful electromagnetic fields and negative energies. It is also an excellent stone that maintains the wearer’s overall health and keeps their energy levels high throughout the day.


  1. Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer

The most talked-about piece in her jewelry collection was, of course, the late Princess’s blue Sapphire and diamond engagement ring, worn by the Duchess of Cambridge after her marriage to Prince Williams. If you’re looking for some royal inspiration, white diamond rings are perfect to style next to your everyday looks. A royal jewel such as Emerald, Tanzanite, Yellow Sapphire, etc., enabled as a centerpiece, will instantly add drama and elegance to your outfit. You can carry the ring to a special occasion, with a sleeveless gown, by adding a pair of matching earrings and a two-strand pearl bracelet to elevate your ensemble, similar to the Princess’s style. 


  1. Multi-Purpose Choker

Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer

The late Princess Diana has worn it all from two, to three, to seven, to eleven-strand chokers. Starting from her 18th birthday, Princess Diana wore a three-strand choker necklace with a flower-clasp at the center, a gift from her family. During one of her first public appearances, Diana wore a large Sapphire brooch encircled with a cluster of diamonds, which later became the most talked-about jewelry pieces in the world. It was a wedding gift from Queen Mary to the Princess, which she later customized into a seven-stranded pearl choker necklace. At the time of her marriage, the Princess received a wedding present from the Prince of Saudi Arabia. The Princess had reimagined into a diamond strand choker and a headpiece that she wore on many unique occasions. You can also invest in a similar single or double-strand diamond choker encrusted with a crystal stone in the center, laid over a velvet or lace ribbon to style in multiple ways.


  1. Pearl Danglers

Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer

To say that Diana loved pearls is a complete understatement. From her endless collection of pearl choker necklaces, pear-drop danglers, diamond-encrusted teardrop pearl strings, etc., pearls add a timeless glow to every outfit. You can skip the enamel hoops for a while and travel back in time with a charming pair of pearl danglers. It’s a classic jewelry piece passed down from several generations and remains an exceptional embellishment. Icons have used consequential accessories to style various outfits, and the great thing about pearls is that they’re created from living organisms, unlike other gemstones. Thus every drop of pearl has a different sheen, luster, shape, size, and beauty that cannot be matched. 



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