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Yesterday, June 16, 2015, was the late Tupac Shakur’s forty-forth birthday! Los Angeles native singer Jhené Aiko chose to pay tribute to him on this special day through the use of pictures. Aiko recreated some of Pac’s most iconic photographs! Aiko told MTV News that at the time of Pac’s death she was only a tender, young eight year old. Even now though the singer and songwriter is still heavily influenced by the late rapper!

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“One of the photos captures the feel of the rapper’s diamond-selling 1996 classic All Eyez on Me, by recreating the LP’s album cover; while another pays homage to the photo used to cover his posthumous Greatest Hits collection. The third photo, finds Aiko laying in a bathtub, covered in gold, saluting David Lachapelle’s “Becoming Clean” photo shoot, which took place right after ’Pac was released from jail in 1995,” the outlet reported.


I think the poet; the poet in ’Pac and the philosopher. He was thirsty for knowledge and I relate to that a lot, which is why a lot of the things that he did was contradictory to most people,” she said. “Most people don’t understand that it’s OK to be human and say one thing, do another thing, think another thing and then act another way. That’s what makes us amazing is that we’re all these things at once.”




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