Joe Budden is WANTED by someone other than Tahiry! Find out why The NYPD are after this “Love & Hip-Hop” star!

When it comes to drama, Joe Budden is no stranger. However, cameras were not rolling when his latest escapade went horribly downhill. According to sources, Joe found pictures of his model ex-girlfriend with another guy in her cell phone. He showed up at the restaurant she was dining in and snatched her out of the restaurant. As they argued he allegedly stole her phone and twisted her arm . Then, he took her to his New Jersey home where the attack allegedly continued. The woman managed to escape and called the police. Friends of his ex told, he also bashed her head into a dashboard and choked her. In the police paperwork surrounding the case he claims he only twisted her arm.


Apparently the NYPD is not buying his claims and have begun a manhunt for the famous rapper. They even tweeted a photo with his stats. See below:


Joe, instead of hiding or immediately turning himself in, took to Twitter to taunt the police department with the following tweets:


It looks like this next season of “Love & Hip-Hop” will be as scandalous and exciting as ever. There has been no mention of which ex-girlfriend Joe allegedly assaulted, but it is safe to say it is not Tahiry Jose. However, this is not the first time he has been accused of domestic violence. Both Tahiry and video vixen, Esther Baxter, have claimed Joe did use physical violence against them during their relationships with him. Needless, to say Mr. Budden had better steer clear of putting his hands on anyone. He has way too much to lose, and in recent history the police have not been so friendly towards African-American males. Let’s hope these allegations are not true. In the meantime, we will keep you posted!


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